The Victorian Independent Remuneration Tribunal is required to make a Determination setting the values of the remuneration bands that will apply for VPS executives from 20 September 2019.

As part of making its Determination, the Tribunal is required to comprehensively review the roles and responsibilities of VPS executives. The Tribunal is seeking submissions from executives, through this questionnaire, to better understand the nature of VPS executive work, the different roles that executives play and the competitiveness of the VPS executive offer.

Submissions provided to the Tribunal will inform the analysis of the current remuneration framework and provide input to the Determination. Submissions are anonymous but the information collected, including free text comments, may be published as part of the Determination.

The Tribunal’s Determination, including this consultation process, is separate from the implementation of the Victorian Public Sector Commission's revised executive classification framework.

Submission questionnaire

What is your executive classification level?
What is your primary role/responsibility?
How long have you been an executive in the VPS?

The survey form is now closed. Thanks for your contributions.