The Victorian Government has reviewed delivery share arrangements in northern Victoria to support irrigation communities and districts as they adjust to rapid,continuing changes in land and water use. Individual recommendation reports are provided for Sunraysia irrigation districts and for Goulburn-Murray irrigation districts.

Completion of the Delivery Share Review meets the Victorian Government’s commitment in action 4.3 in Water for Victoria to examine how delivery shares are working now and how their future use can support affordable and resilient irrigation districts that are attractive to new businesses.

Specific outcomes and actions proposed for Lower Murray Water (LMW) and Goulburn-Murray Water (GMW) customers address the unique concerns expressed by irrigators in each region. Shared actions are also set out that improve the clarity and transparency of delivery share arrangements across northern Victoria.

Outcomes and actions for Goulburn-Murray districts provide pathways for updating delivery share arrangements to adjust district infrastructure and costs to better reflect changes in water use.

Outcomes and actions for Sunraysia districts provide pathways to understand and manage risks in water delivery and limits to delivery capacity.

Some actions are shared across northern Victoria. These actions set out principles for clarity and transparency around delivery shares, including information on costs and pricing, delivery system operations and property sales. Implementation of these actions will commence immediately.

The two reports continue the Victorian Governments ongoing commitment to ensure clear, transparent and equitable water charging arrangements.

DELWP, GMW and LMW will work closely with irrigators to revise and confirm the actions and to implement changes in ways that meet customer needs.

Community perspectives have helped to shape the recommendations through the feedback provided during the project consultation period. Over 100 submissions, comments from public meetings attended by 160 people, discussions with LMW and GMW customer committees and other key industry stakeholders have been used to ensure the outcomes address real community concerns and seek to balance diverse perspectives.