The Victorian Government is reviewing delivery share arrangements in northern Victoria to support irrigation communities and districts as they adjust to rapid, continuing changes in land and water use.

This is part of action 4.3 in Water for Victoria to examine how delivery shares are working now and how their future use can support affordable and resilient irrigation districts that are attractive to new businesses.

It has been 10 years since reforms separated water from land in Victoria and delivery shares were introduced, giving rights to irrigators to access water delivery infrastructure.

There have been dramatic changes over this time, with less water available in the irrigation pool through climate change and environmental water recovery under the Basin Plan, adjustment after extreme drought and floods, new irrigation and crop production technologies, shifts in global markets, fluctuating commodity prices and changes in regulation.

The Delivery Share Review began in 2017 with the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning(DELWP) working closely with Goulburn-Murray Water, Lower Murray Water and other key stakeholders.

The review has drafted options to change or replace delivery share by consulting with water sector and irrigator representatives and looking at the data and evidence around current delivery shareholdings and water use.

This collaboration has produced a Preliminary Findings Report with a range of options to consider.

DELWP now invites community members to help refine these options and develop recommendations for improving the performance of delivery shares in the Goulburn-Murray and Sunraysia Irrigation districts.

Give feedback on the discussion paper

Submissions can be made by

  • filling in the electronic submission form below
  • mailing your submission by post to Delivery Share Review, Level 12, 8 Nicholson Street, East Melbourne, 3002
  • emailing your submission to Rural.Water@delwp.vic.gov.au

A PDF version of the survey can be downloaded below under supporting documents.

Submission form

We are particularly interested in receiving stakeholder feedback on the series of questions below. These relate directly or indirectly to recommendations in the review’s Preliminary Findings Report. Links to recommendations are clearly identified.

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Feedback form on discussion paper

The following questions are in relation to the Delivery Share Review discussion paper released on 24 July 2018. Please have your say below.

Submissions may be published with personal information removed. If you do not wish us to publish any part of your submission please select the box below

I would like my submission to remain confidential
1. What is your age?

If so, which organisation?

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3. Which irrigation area are you from?
4. What is your main irrigation activity?
5. Do you hold delivery shares?
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Current performance of delivery shares

7. Are there any new or emerging reasons for delivery shares that can be added to their design purposes?
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8. Are there any design purposes that are no longer relevant and can be dismissed?
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Options for changing the specification of delivery shares

9. Do you think that any of the options have merits for the system as a whole?
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Delivery shares and service

11. Do you think different delivery service products would be useful in your part of the delivery system, thinking about your own requirements and neighbouring properties?
12. Based on your water use patterns, what seasonal delivery share products would you find valuable?
13. Would you be interested in delivery share products that provide different levels of service?
14. Do you support the use of limited term contracts?
15. Do you see value in delivery shares giving priority access to water systems and/or water take?

Uses in systems operation

  1. Inability to secure preferred ordering slots #
  2. Inability to take as much water as required within a delivery period #
  3. Inability to take water at the optimum flow rate for your system #
  1. Access to preferred ordering windows #
  2. Access to a guaranteed water volume over a delivery period #
  3. Access to a guaranteed minimum flow rate (daily rate of take) #

Facilitating a market

18. Do you support markets in delivery share that are actively facilitated by your water corporation?
19. What approaches to trades can water corporations facilitate?
20. Should water corporations have the right to restrict trade into areas that they plan to rationalise in the future?
21. Under what conditions can water corporations issue new delivery shares?

Tariff and pricing principles

22. Do you support further examining options around tariffs and pricing, given that any recommendations would have to be developed through the Essential Services Commission water pricing submission process and may not reduce your bills?

Changes to the Infrastructure Access/Delivery Share Fee

23. Which of the options would you most like to see further investigated?

Changes to charges related to Delivery Shares

24. Would you support significant changes to when the casual fees apply and the amount charged from casual use, understanding that there will be no change in the total cost to be recovered?
25. Which of the options would you most like to see further investigated
26. If you support stepped charges, at what volume above 100 times delivery share should they commence?
27. Would you support discounting or waiving terminations fees for existing customers where the full surrender of delivery share progress practical reconfiguration?

Additional recommendations

You have 255 characters left.
29. What is most important to you in how decision-making processes are run?
30. What aspects of delivery shares do you want more information about?