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Written submissions were open for lodgement between 14 December and 29 January 2021. Throughout February we are continuing to meet with sexual offence victim-survivors, family members of deceased victims and other key stakeholders.

Please direct any queries to consultation@justice.vic.gov.au.


It is a crime to publish any details likely to identify a victim-survivor of a sexual offence. This law has been in place since 1991. It is intended to protect victim-survivors’ privacy and encourage reporting and prosecution of sexual offending.

The 2020 Victorian Law Reform Commission Contempt of Court Report made recommendations for reforming the publication prohibition in the Judicial Proceedings Reports Act 1958 (JPRA) on identifying victim-survivors of sexual offences.

In November 2020, following extensive stakeholder consultations, amendments to the JPRA made it easier for victim-survivors of sexual offences to lawfully self-publish or authorise others to tell their stories without court involvement.

You can read more about the November 2020 reforms on the Department of Justice and Community Safety website.

The November 2020 amendments also made interim reforms to the law on the identification of deceased victims.

The Government acknowledged that more substantial reforms are needed to the laws relating to deceased victims due to the complexities and sensitivities of the issue, and emphasised the need for these reforms to be developed in close collaboration with sexual offence victim-survivors, family members of deceased victims and other key stakeholders.

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This paper discusses some key issues that will be relevant to developing further changes to the Act in relation to deceased victims.
Consultation paper - Identification of deceased sexual offence victims - further reforms to JPRA
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