Through the Community Safety Statement, the Victorian Government has requested a way of representing harm within the current suite of recorded crime statistics to provide an alternative view of the impact of crime in Victoria.

The Crime Statistics Agency (CSA) is undertaking research to develop a new measure of harm. The new measure will be used to report on crimes based on the potential harm to victims as perceived by the public.

We aim to identify what kinds of harm may affect victims of crime, and categorise the harm based on each crime type. The outcome of our research will be a new measure that has defined groups of harm. The measure will be used to:

  • report harm data to the community
  • focus law enforcement activities
  • inform policy on crime prevention and victim support
  • support additional approaches to analysis and research.

We are looking for feedback on the draft measure of crime harm. Your feedback will be analysed, along with other responses, and used to finalise the new measure of harm arising from crime victimisation.

We invite you to read the draft measure and let us know your thoughts. There are some guiding questions below. You can complete the free text box or upload a written submission below.

Please note that this consultation is not a way to report a specific crime.

If you would like to report a non-urgent crime or event, please use the Police Assistance Line on 131 444, or Crime Stoppers Victoria on 1800 333 000.

If there is an emergency, please phone Victoria Police on 000.

Make your submission

Submissions have now closed. Thanks for your contributions.

Read through the attached document and provide us with your feedback on Section 2, which drafts the new measure of crime harm.

Feedback is completely anonymous. We ask that you avoid putting any personal details in your response, but make your response as full as you feel comfortable with.

Some questions you may like to consider when responding include:

  • Are the crime types included in each category of harm at the appropriate level?
  • Would you reallocate any crime types to a different category? If so, which ones and why?
  • Do the perceived harms associated with crime types explain the harm category?

Please note, your response to this consultation is completely voluntary. None of the guiding questions are mandatory but will help provide valuable insights for the finalisation of the new measure.

The submissions to this consultation will not be published but will inform the finalisation of the new measure.

The survey form is now closed. Thanks for your contributions.

Collection privacy notice

Crime Statistics Agency Victoria (CSA) is committed to protecting your privacy.

The information you share with us will be confidential, and it will not be published, ensuring that your anonymity is preserved. This information will be held by CSA and only used for the purpose of the development of the new measure of crime harm.

Any information you do provide will be held by CSA in accordance with the Department of Justice and Community Safety's information privacy policy as well as Engage Victoria's Privacy Policy.

If you choose to provide identifying or personal information as part of your submission, CSA will manage your information in accordance with the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 and the Public Records Act 1973. The information will be stored securely and will not be published in any way that will identify you or disclosed to any third parties without your consent.

You may access your information that you provide to us, but this will not be possible if your submission is anonymous. We can be contacted at: research@crimestatistics.vic.gov.au