Disrupter or enabler, challenge or opportunity, technology continues to significantly impact our creative industries – and the way we create, publish, distribute, present, promote, share, find and experience creative work.

Technology is developing fast, opening up new possibilities and markets, bridging geographical divides, lowering the costs and barriers to creative practice and making the previously inaccessible accessible. At the same time, it threatens to disrupt current structures, business models and ways of working, and risks leaving some behind.

Technology is also changing the way we engage with creative product, and our expectations as consumers. It’s changing how and where we play games, watch films, consume information, listen to music, connect with others and the world around us.

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How can Victoria’s creative industries keep up with – and ahead of – technological change?

How do we enable creative practitioners and workers to take best advantage of current and future technologies?

How do we better protect the IP of Victorian creators in a complex global digital environment, and help creative businesses and organisations navigate challenges such as cyber security, privacy and the ethics of advanced technologies?

How can we utilise technology to build a more equitable creative sector?

What can the creative industries learn from – and contribute to – the tech sector?

Digital technology is driving unprecedented demand for creative content; how can Victoria’s creative industries best take advantage of this?

When it comes to new technologies, where do the greatest opportunities and challenges lie for Victoria’s creative industries?

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Image: Prototype 64 Ways of Being project by Dr. Troy Innocent, games studio Millipede and performance collective one step at a time like this.