In recent years we’ve seen worrying issues emerging out of creative industries workplaces. From poor mental health to sexual harassment and bullying, these are the downside of the culture across many creative industries and had largely gone unacknowledged or unaddressed for many years.

Rates of suicide, anxiety, depression and sleep disorders have been found to be more prevalent among those working in the entertainment industry than the general population. Instances, or indeed a culture of, sexual harassment and bullying – as evidenced by the global and local #metoo movement compounds this.

While action has been taken to address these issues and their drivers, it’s important to remain vigilant. There is still work to do to foster healthy, respectful and culturally safe working environments, to ensure people feel safe at work and have the tools and support they need to care for themselves and each other.

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How do we shift the culture of organisations and sectors to better foster mental health and wellbeing in the creative industries?

What role can government play in ensuring safe, healthy and respectful workplaces in the creative industries?

There are a number of positive developments and initiatives making headway in this area, including various Industry Codes of Conduct, Arts Centre Melbourne’s Arts Wellbeing Collective and Support Act’s services for the music industry. What else can be done to assist and support creative industries’ workers facing mental health, wellbeing and workplace challenges?

What practical measures can be taken to guard against dangerous workplace behaviours like sexual harassment and bullying?

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Image: Entertainers at Clunes Booktown Festival, May 2019. Photo: Chloe Smith