Our approach to developing Victoria’s next creative industries strategy is underpinned by four guiding principles.

First Peoples first

In line with Creative Victoria’s First Peoples Action Plan for the Creative Industries, which was developed with First Peoples from across Victoria’s creative industries and community, First Peoples perspectives, experiences and expertise will be integral to the design and implementation of the strategy.

Whole of state

All Victorians no matter where they live have the right to participate in cultural experiences, creative expression and creative careers. Our strategy will take a state-wide view, while acknowledging the issues particular to remote, regional, outer-metropolitan and inner-city areas.

Whole of ecosystem

We take a whole of ecosystem approach, recognising the role of individuals, collectives and organisations of all sizes and types in the overall health of the creative industries. We consider the infrastructure, resources, education and training needs, and the career and development pathways that fortify and enable the creative industries. And we seek to create a whole that is stronger than sum of its parts.

All voices welcome

To be successful, our strategy needs to be grounded in the diverse experiences of those who work in, and engage with, our creative industries – or aspire to. All Victorians are invited to respectfully contribute to our open consultation process and play their part in shaping this strategy.

Image: Corroboree on the Water, Lake Tyers, December 2018. Wurinbeena Ltd company. Photo: Lindy Allen.