Cultural, arts and creative industries policies and programs, and arguably the sector more broadly, have typically emphasised the ‘supply’ of creative products. A range of funding and support mechanisms are available for the creation and presentation of work and services, and we have an abundance of arts-producing and arts-presenting organisations and institutions.

However, there are too few occasions when a theatre curtain is raised to a full house, where a new digital game finds its biggest audience or where a fashion designer sells their entire range in a single season.

Most micro and small businesses operating across the sector have limited resources, expertise and capacity to promote, sell and market their products effectively. A focus on encouraging and promoting the ‘demand’ side – on building and diversifying audiences, customers and markets– may help to achieve more sustainable outcomes.

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How can the creative sector grow demand and find new markets or audiences?

How can creative organisations and businesses effectively extend and deepen their engagement with their audiences and customers?

What opportunities are there for sector-wide initiatives or collaborations to grow the market for particular creative products and services?

What role can government play in growing demand across Victoria’s creative industries, or unlocking new markets for Victorian creative organisations and businesses?

What is the biggest obstacle for organisations and businesses when it comes to growing demand?

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Image: Mallrat at Live At The Steps, co-presented with Parliament of Victoria, The Push and triple j Unearthed. Photo: Jess Middleton