Victoria’s creative industries operate in a global context, and there is global demand – and competition – for Victorian creative products and services. Victoria’s creative industries exports are currently worth around $1.5 billion. With global demand for creative exports rising, and with continued strong growth in Asian economies in particular, there is opportunity to increase this and enable more Victorians to reach international markets.

As well as expanding our market, engaging internationally fuels creative inspiration and can play an important role in building creative careers and practice. Activities such as international touring, trade shows, cultural exchange, residencies and showcase opportunities, can deliver more audience and marketplace exposure, connections for local creatives and extend the life and impact of creative work.

The creative industries also play an important role in promoting Victoria to the world, in supporting broader trade and diplomatic outcomes, and in growing tourism to the state.

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How can we enable Victoria’s creative industries to take advantage of global opportunities?

How can we increase the representation of and demand for First Peoples creative product internationally?

How can Victoria’s creative industries prepare effectively for global instability or downturns?

Are there particular international markets where Victoria should be focusing its export efforts?

How do we improve Victoria’s global recognition for the creative industries?

How do we boost Victoria’s standing as a must-visit creative and cultural destination?

What are the opportunities for growing unique cultural tourism products and attractions, in both metropolitan and regional areas?

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Image: Kate Miller-Heidke performing at Eurovision 2019.