Victoria is home to more than six million people. We come from more than 200 countries, speak more than 220 languages and dialects, and follow more than 120 faiths. About one in five of us have a disability. Our diversity is one of Victoria’s greatest strengths – but this diversity is not reflected across our creative industries.

All Victorians want – and have a right – to see themselves and their experiences reflected in the creative culture that surrounds them. The creative industries must make this a central consideration in programming, products and services, operations, visitor experience, marketing and governance.

Diversity brings energy, understanding and depth to our state – and to our workplaces, board tables and creative offering. There is much to be gained from embracing difference and addressing the barriers to cultural and creative participation, programming, employment and leadership – especially those experienced by First Peoples, LGBTIQ+ Victorians, people with disability, and people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

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How can Victoria’s creative industries better reflect the diversity of the Victorian population?

What role can government play in increasing diversity and representation in Victoria’s creative industries?

How can we open up the state’s creative industries to those who are not adequately reflected and engaged?

How do we better harness the full range of creative energy, ideas, skills and expertise present among Victoria’s communities?

How can we boost employment or career development opportunities in the creative industries for currently under-represented groups?

How can we create more inclusive workplaces that are culturally safe for under-represented groups?

As Victoria’s population grows and changes, how do we ensure our creative offering keeps pace and best meets the needs of contemporary society?

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Image: Dance Massive 2019, The Substation. Photo: Jacqui Shelton