Creative industries thrive when they are supported by accessible, inspiring and culturally inclusive places to develop and present work, and to connect and collaborate with others. And in turn, active creative spaces contribute to the vibrancy and liveability of their broader neighbourhoods and communities.

The breadth and diversity of our creative spaces has been one of Victoria’s competitive strengths, however our growing population, and associated pressures around residential and commercial development, puts this at risk.  For smaller creative organisations and individual practitioners, accessing affordable, appropriate and secure space is already a significant challenge. In areas of rapid growth, cultural spaces may lag behind community need; conversely, in many regional areas there are unused but unique buildings that are ripe for creative activation.

Precincts that bring together a critical mass of creative or cultural activity, and organisations of all shapes and sizes, can offer significant benefits to our cities, suburbs and regions – and add to the vitality of our creative industries.They can enliven our communities, allow new ideas, collaborations and opportunities to flourish, attract visitation and stimulate commercial and communal activity.

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What factors contribute to vibrant creative spaces and precincts?

What combinations and types of spaces can best benefit precincts as they develop?

How can we deliver more affordable space for creative industries use - what models or interventions should be explored?

Where are there untapped opportunities to develop new, or grow creative spaces?

How do we make it easier for creative spaces to be established or expanded?

What mechanisms could better encourage and enable the private sector to support the provision of creative spaces?

How do we enable creative spaces to be established and thrive in new suburban and regional developments?

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Image: First Commissions, Faculty of Fine Arts and Music, Melbourne University. Photo: Trevor Mein