The vast majority of Victoria’s creative industries is made up of small organisations, micro businesses and independent practitioners. These often operate in a precarious environment; funding, investment and other revenue can be difficult to generate and the struggle to achieve a sustainable business model or career can be insurmountable.

Larger organisations and institutions also face significant challenges to their sustainability, with rising costs, aging infrastructure and increasing and changing consumer expectations. The average income of a creative worker is 21 per cent below the Australian workforce average.

The creative industries funding landscape is complex and multilayered, comprising varying degrees of support from all levels of government and from the philanthropic and corporate sectors, as well as private investment and self-earned revenue.

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What is the biggest threat to the sustainability of Victoria’s creative industries?

What is the role of government in building sector stability, growth and capability?

What non-government funding and investment models or business support mechanisms could be explored?

Beyond direct funding, what can government do to improve conditions for creative organisations, businesses and individuals?

How can the creative industries balance delivering core business with investing in the research, development and experimentation required to propel forward?

What opportunities exist to improve sustainability through greater collaboration, coordination and connection?

How can we foster entrepreneurship in the creative industries?

In the context of finite resources, where should government funding be most focused?

How can we prepare and enable artists and independent creatives to build sustainable careers?

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Image: Featuring Tamara Leacock of Remuse. Photo: Noel Smyth for AFC Curated