Please note, this consultation closed Friday 13 September 2019.

Building on the foundations laid by the Victorian Government’s first Creative State strategy, we are now developing the state’s next creative industries strategy which will guide initiatives and investment between 2020 and 2024. The new strategy will be released in 2020.

Victoria’s next creative industries strategy will identify ways to grow our $31 billion creative economy, strengthen and fortify Victoria’s creative industries and jobs, and further Victoria’s standing as a place where creativity thrives and where everyone has opportunities for creative expression, cultural participation and to pursue creative careers. Your insights and ideas relating to the issues, challenges and opportunities ahead for Victoria’s creative industries will be vital to the strategy development process.

In response to consultation, our approach to developing Victoria’s next creative industries strategy will be underpinned by four guiding principles:

  • First Peoples first
  • Whole of state
  • Whole of ecosystem
  • All voices welcome

We thank you for your contributions to the consultation phase of the strategy renewal process. The strategy development phase has now commenced, following a two-month period of statewide consultation, which included nine public forums, attended by more than 250 people; and six First Peoples forums, attended by almost 50 people. This page attracted 12,200 visits with a total of 665 contributions via the ideas wall and discussion threads from 515 people and 201 formal submissions.

A comprehensive consultation outcomes report will be published on this page early next year.

Meanwhile, we invite you to subscribe to Creative Victoria newsletter as the strategy is developed in partnership with the creative sector and the State Government’s Creative Industries Advisory Group.

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Ideas Wall

Tell us your big ideas for Victoria's creative industries (140 characters each) or scroll through our Ideas Wall and vote on the ideas that resonate with you.

15 September, 2019

Mandy says:

“I have a growing concern about the over emphasis of children's programs in many Vic galleries.leading ro a decrease in integrity of shows.”

14 September, 2019

Stella says:

“Vic secondary school students are connected to women and non binary writers, reading and writing stories for an inclusive culture”

13 September, 2019

Daniel Visser says:

“Support Video games that combine Visual Art, Music, Science, Technology, represent Culture with returns from billion dollar global industry!”

13 September, 2019

Elissa Pachacz says:

“Focus funding programs on place based, local arts development- local artists, local spaces, local cultural development- forget the big names”

13 September, 2019

Phillippe says:

“Opportunities for artists to work in residence at games and production companies, VFX and fashion houses or design - and vice versa”

13 September, 2019

Felix says:

“Exposing Victorians to innovative improvised work of any kind is very important. Jazz music does this and requires logistic/funding support.”

13 September, 2019

Taylor says:

“Artists/events/venues on the Mornington Peninsula and in the Yarra Valley aren't eligible for regional grants yet we face the same issues”

13 September, 2019

Taylor says:

“Remove fees from government grants programs - Film Vic's production investment for games has a non refundable $550 which is prohibitive ”

13 September, 2019

Chad says:

“Recognition of games making as arts practice, beyond it's business & industrial merits, and the creation of infrastructure to support it.”

13 September, 2019

Angie says:

“More regular peer to peer networking events for knowledge sharing and practice improvement across specific interest groups and specialities”

13 September, 2019

Claire says:

“Administration is unpaid work which amounts to a massive misuse of artists’ labour and talents. ”

13 September, 2019

Amber says:

“A single independent artist has to interface with dozens of different organisations, all with different requirements and standards.”

Discussion themes

To kickstart the discussion, we’ve identified some broad themes for you to consider. These reflect the environment in which Victoria’s creative industries operate, and trends or issues that have come to prominence in the period since the original Creative State strategy was developed. We invite you to reflect on these themes, interpret and challenge them. What do they mean to you, your creative career or practice, your organisation, business or sector? What do you see as our collective priorities? What’s missing? Respond to our questions or ask your own. Share your ideas – big and small.

Make a submission

More to say? Make a submission and provide your views, your way.

Submissions are accepted from organisations, groups or individuals and can be submitted in written or video form (maximum file size 20MB).

In particular, we encourage submissions from representative bodies, such as peak industry organisations, local government and other sector, interest or geographically based networks.

The deadline for submissions is 5pm, Friday 13 September.

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