The Victorian Government is introducing a container deposit scheme (CDS) to increase beverage container recycling and reduce litter in Victoria.

A container deposit scheme works by applying a small deposit to beverages sold to consumers which covers the cost of recycling. When the empty beverage containers – such as those in plastic, glass bottles and aluminium cans, are returned to a refund collection point, a cash refund can be collected for each container returned.

This consultation seeks your views on the proposed design for Victoria’s container deposit scheme and how it should operate. Key design choices such as how the deposit is received, types of eligible containers and types of refund collection infrastructure will all influence your experience with the CDS and how much you’ll want to use it. This is your opportunity to have your say, so that our scheme best suits Victoria’s needs.

Read the discussion paper

The discussion paper gives a comprehensive overview of the purpose of a CDS, how a CDS works, the objectives of Victoria's proposed CDS, governance arrangements and includes case studies.

We recommend you read this paper if you would like to complete the long survey which includes questions on the scheme structure in addition to questions on community preferences for using a CDS.

The paper will take approximately 40 minutes to read and the long survey up to 15 minutes to complete.

Watch the animation

Watch a quick overview of how a CDS works as well as reasons for having a CDS.

We recommend you watch this before completing the short survey targeting community preferences for using a CDS.

This animation runs for around 2 minutes and the short survey takes less than 5 minutes to complete.

You asked for a container deposit scheme, and the Victorian Government is delivering. Now you can have your say on how you want it to work - by answering a few easy questions.

A container deposit scheme is a bit like cash for cans. When you buy a drink in a can, bottle or carton, you pay a small charge to cover recycling costs. Once you've finished the drink, return the empty container to a collection point and get your recycling refund. The drink container is then recycled and made into something new.

Drink containers make up almost half of Victoria’s litter. A container deposit scheme will cut litter, reduce waste going to landfill, and increase recycling.

It will also create jobs, boost business, and give community groups and charities another way to fundraise. It’s a key feature of Recycling Victoria - our ten-year plan to reduce waste, increase recycling and boost jobs and the economy. The scheme will be up and running by 2023.

We’re suggesting a ten-cent refund for cans, small bottles, and cartons - similar to container deposit schemes elsewhere in Australia. Cans, small bottles, and cartons will get the refund because they’re the sort of drinks you buy when you’re away from home. They’re also the most commonly littered.

Not all drink containers are included. For example, plain milk containers, wine bottles, and spirit bottles won’t receive a refund. That’s because they’re normally drunk at home, and less likely to become litter. You can put them into your household recycling bin instead.

Giving us your feedback is as easy as answering a few questions. Here are some examples. You can find more questions on the Engage Victoria Website.

Where would you like to drop off your empty drink bottles, cans and cartons?”

How should community groups and charities benefit?”

Whether you’re a community member, business, or local council, we want to hear from you. Just head to the Engage Victoria website, click on container deposit scheme and answer the questions and help us build the right container deposit system for Victoria.

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