Wyndham community safety project

The Wyndham Citizens’ Academy (the Academy) is a new program in Melbourne’s west providing participants with an opportunity to learn more about Victoria Police and the criminal justice system in Victoria.

The Academy was developed following community forums in Point Cook, Werribee, and Hoppers Crossing in late 2017 as part of the Wyndham Community Safety Network.

At the community forums, residents identified the local safety concerns that matter the most to them. A key safety theme for Wyndham residents was to have a stronger connection with their local police. Other concerns raised were theft and burglary and disengaged young people.

The eight-week Academy program is designed for community members from diverse language and cultural backgrounds to help build on the strong relationships police have with the Wyndham’s diverse community and help them to gain a thorough understanding of the justice system.

A group of 16 Wyndham residents aged 18 to 68 are participating in the first phase of the program, running from February to May. The second phase of the program will start in July 2019.

About the program

The Academy was developed by the Wyndham Community Safety Committee, comprising Victoria Police, Department of Justice and Community Safety, Wyndham City Council, Odyssey House, WEstjustice, VicRoads, and community members. It is being delivered by Wyndham Community & Education Centre (Wyndham CEC).

With a focus on the three branches of government, the legislative, the executive and judiciary, the Academy will ‘walk’ through Victoria’s Parliamentary system (making of law), to the Victoria Police (carrying out the law), the Courts (interpreting the law and providing deterrence) and the administration of justice by the Department of Justice and Community Safety (management of laws, offender services and consumer rights).

The Academy will also explore some of the programs that exist to intervene or prevent youth crime; the role and influence of the media, and how mediation can provide an alternative pathway to traditional justice.

As part of the Academy, participants have already taken a tour of Victoria’s Parliament House, watched Question Time and met with their Local Member of Parliament, the Hon. Tim Pallas.

There‘s been a tour of the Wyndham North Police Station and participants learned about the role of police and the community in preventing and responding to crime

They’ve also visited they visited the Sunshine Magistrates Court and heard about the role of Courts in Victoria in interpreting law, preventing and deterring crime and sentencing.

Other Academy sessions included:

  • A visit to the Department of Justice and Community Safety office in Wyndham to learn about justice administration and services delivered by the department such as Births, Deaths, and Marriages; working at the department; and Consumer Affairs.
  • A tour of a community legal centre to learn about the services and programs offered such as help navigating consumer law, infringements, motor vehicle accidents, tenancy, family law and more.
  • The role of community organisations that are working to prevent and disrupt youth crime in Wyndham.

Anyone interested in participating in the second phase of the program can register their interest with Wyndham CEC by calling 9742 4013.

Crime Stoppers 'Consideration is key' campaign

On 27 May 2019, Crime Stoppers Victoria will launch 'Consideration is key', its anti-vehicle theft campaign, in the Wyndham area.

Crime Stoppers Victoria asks the residents to take action and consider how accessible their car keys are to potential thieves.

Look for the campaign across social media, your local newspapers, on the radio and in shopping centres, as well as people out and about talking to the community

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