Your community has spoken!

Community safety forums were held in Melton and Caroline Springs in late 2017 with more than 90 residents taking part to identify the local safety concerns that matter the most to them.

If you completed a survey via engage Victoria, or shared your insights at the forums in Caroline Springs or Melton, thank you for your involvement.

A key safety theme for Melton residents was to have a stronger connection with their local police. Other themes identified were:

  • community cohesion
  • disengaged youth
  • road safety
  • aggravated burglary.

Melton crime statistics and local safety initiatives

The latest crime statistics for Melton reveal a positive trend across the community with a drop in the number of incidents of burglary, aggravated burglary and theft of and from motor vehicles. In the last 12 months, there was a 14.7 per cent drop in burglary/break and enter incidents, 24.4 per cent drop in aggravated burglaries and a 23.9 per cent drop in theft of motor vehicles. Victoria’s Crime Statistics Agency played an important role at the Melton and Caroline Springs forum talking to people about the crime statistics in their community and are a key partner in this project.

These decreases are welcome, but they in no way diminish the harm and trauma experienced by victims of crime. There is still more that needs to be done. The Community Safety Statement 2018/19, released in April, sets out exactly what is being done to drive down crime, including addressing the local safety themes identified by the Melton community.

Police are deploying youth specialist officers across the state to help prevent at-risk young people from falling into a life of crime. More frontline police and Crime Investigation Unit officers have been allocated to Brimbank Division, which includes Melton, to deal with burglaries, car thefts and drugs.

What’s next for your Community Safety Network

As part of the next phase of the Community Safety Networks project, Victoria Police and Department of Justice and Community Safety will be looking closely at the information gathered from the forums and online surveys and will feed these insights into a working group established to deliver community safety initiatives in your community.

This information may also be used to help inform local operational policing priorities as well as community safety and crime prevention activities overseen by project partners, Neighbourhood Watch and Crime Stoppers.

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