Community consultation closed

During 2020 Parks Victoria undertook community consultation to present three options for a future pier. A total of 412 people completed the online survey to give their views and ideas. Due to COVID-19, a community session was held online in December 2020, where the community could discuss the options with project staff. The online and face to face consultation has now closed.

Thank you to everyone who participated and provided feedback. A consultation summary report is now available below.

Parks Victoria will use this valuable community feedback to evaluate and refine the design options to ensure we have a sound basis for ongoing consideration by the government.

Please note: Parks Victoria is continuing to investigate the future options in which these services are available to the community. There is no current commitment or timeline from Parks Victoria to a preferred design or construction. Parks Victoria will continue to monitor the existing pier’s condition to ensure community safety while future planning is undertaken.


The current concrete pier was built in 1959 and although it currently remains in good condition to serve the needs of the community, Parks Victoria would like to explore future options to ensure the longevity of the pier for many decades to come.

Early community input towards concept development will guide future planning for the pier.

Parks Victoria engaged with local stakeholders and government agencies in February 2020 to better understand the current values and future vision of the pier, and help inform the design of the three concept options.

Community and stakeholders were consulted over four weeks from 6 November 2020 until 13 January 2021 to gain feedback on design options for a rebuilt Dromana Pier. This community input will help shape a future design that will ensure the longevity of the pier. Parks Victoria will continue to monitor the pier’s condition to ensure community safety.

About Dromana Pier

Dromana Pier is located in the suburb of Dromana, on the south-eastern shores of Port Phillip, Victoria. It is located between Safety Beach and McCrae, situated at the foot of Arthurs Seat; the highest point on the Mornington Peninsula, offering spectacular views across crystal clear water to bathing boxes and green hilly surrounds. Dromana Pier is a popular location for fishing, swimming and short-term boat berthing.

The pier extends from the heart of Dromana’s business area, continuing offshore from Pier Street. The adjoining foreshore is highly visited by the local community and holiday makers, offering open grassy areas, a playground, walking tracks, camping areas and near-by cafes and shops.

Historically a 500m long wooden structure, the pier allowed the growth of Dromana as a destination for steamboat passengers in the 1860s and was a vital connection for fresh produce. The current concrete structure of 186m was built in 1959, with some remnants of the original wooden piles remaining in the deeper water, approximately 400 metres offshore.

Online community session

In December 2020, people were encouraged to attend a community information session to learn more about the projects and discuss the proposals in depth. This session was held online on 9 December.

Online survey

Parks Victoria engaged with community and stakeholders on future designs for a future pier using the below three options as discussion points. This survey closed on Wednesday, 13 January 2021.

Pier options

Option One: Improve existing pier

Option One: existing pier

To maintain the visual identity and character of Dromana Pier, significant repair works will see areas of the pier that are in poor condition periodically fixed. Maintenance work will include removing and treating large sections of damaged concrete, upgrading lighting and improving handrails and seating along the pier. This is the most cost effective option.

Option Two: T-shape Pier Head

Option Two: T-shape Pier Head

A T-shaped pier head will provide more area for walking, fishing and swimming at Dromana Pier. This option provides safe access to the water on the western side of the pier, with a fixed low landing and ladder extending into the water in view of Dromana Bay Life Saving Club, as well as views towards Arthurs Seat. The pier's deck (walking surface) will be wider than the existing pier to allow for maintenance or emergency vehicles to pass pedestrians on the pier. Handrails will be provided on both sides of the pier, as well as more frequent seating. Stairs will connect the new pier head to the existing low landing, which will improve visitor flow both on and off the landing.

Option Three: Circle Pier Head

Option Three: Circular-shape Pier Head

Setting Dromana apart from other piers across Port Phillip, the circular pier head offers an architectural element to the landscape, with larger spaces to relax and enjoy the bay. This design allows more area for pier based fishing, walking or simply taking in the views of Arthurs Seat and the nearby foreshore. The pier's deck (walking surface) will be wider than the existing pier to allow for maintenance or emergency vehicles to pass pedestrians on the pier. Handrails will be provided on both sides of the pier, as well as more frequent seating. Shade is a key element of this design, along with accessible features include ramping, frequent seating and wide decking. This is the most expensive option.

Your feedback

Please carefully consider all the information provided then rate the pier options.

1 star = Dislike

2 stars = Quite like

3 stars = Like

4 stars = Like a lot

5 stars = Love it

What features do you like?

Please select up to 3 statements that best describe what you consider important in the design.

Does Dromana Pier's low landing, in it's current format, provide enough space for recreational boats?

Dromana Pier's existing low landing will be retained in future designs for the pier. The low landing can currently accommodate two vessels at a time. Please tell us if the existing low landing is adequate, or whether you think berthing space should be increased or decreased.

The following questions are about you and your current use of Dromana Pier

How often do you currently visit Dromana Pier?
What is your primary reason to visit Dromana Pier?
On average, how long do you spend at Dromana Pier each time you visit?
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