In Corryong, the Community Microgrids and Sustainable Energy Program will deliver a simple microgrid using subsidised solar panels, batteries, and other distributed energy resources. This will include:

  • Detailed design work for a town wide microgrid
  • Detailed analysis of design for a whole of town advanced microgrid
  • Subsidised residential rooftop solar systems with batteries
  • Subsidised smart energy control systems to make the best use of locally generated electricity
  • Integration with the Federally Funded Community Power Plant - Project EDGE,
  • Integration with the separately managed program, ‘Upper Murray Resilience and Reliability’ project

Types of Systems

Microgrids are an important step forward for townships living at the outer edges of the electricity grid to provide a more stable electricity supply and energy security during extreme weather events and other natural disasters.

A microgrid is a network of renewable generation, storage systems, controlled household loads like hot water services or pool pumps, and smart technology that can manage the performance of these systems.

Microgrids are typically developed for three main reasons.

  • Improve the reliability and resilience of the electricity supply
  • Support energy security
  • Reduce carbon emissions and improve sustainability

There is already a shift underway across the Corryong area with the Victorian State Government-funded Upper Murray Resilience and Reliability Project, with solar and batteries being installed at community buildings across the area.

These sites could include a subsidised Smart Energy Controller (Mondo Ubi). An Ubi is smart energy device that can coordinate batteries into a network of cooperating energy systems (a virtual power plant).

The Community Microgrids and Sustainable Energy Program (CMSEP) will provide additional incentives for property owners to purchase high quality solar and battery systems.

These incentives are in addition to any rebates available through existing Federal and State government schemes.

The systems will include rooftop solar panels and a battery for local storage of excess daytime solar generation for evening use.

During network outages, these systems will be able provide a finite amount of backup power for household items such as phone and laptop chargers, fridges, lights and WiFi routers.

Residential systems will also be installed with a smart energy management device (Mondo Ubi), allowing the system to be integrated into future microgrid and virtual power plant (VPP) initiatives.

Related Projects

AusNet Services, and their commercial subsidiary Mondo are working cooperatively with DELWP on the Community Microgrids and Sustainable Energy Program (CMSEP).

At the same time, the Federal entity ARENA, is funding a program titled Project EDGE, which is a partnership between the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO), AusNet Services and Mondo.

Project EDGE will work with businesses and residents with batteries to trial a more dynamic and two-way electricity supply.

The program is offering extra incentives to buy batteries.

More information is available at the Project Website to be found at www.mondo.com.au/EDGE

The Community Microgrids and Sustainable Energy Program (CMSEP) builds on the broader energy transition already taking place in Corryong via the Upper Murray Resilience and Reliability Project.

This work is being undertaken by Upper Murray Incorporated with Indigo Power as a delivery partner.

The project goal is to create a power supply that will run for extended periods during outages. The project is in preliminary design stage and host sites are being engaged to determine the overall capability.

Upper Murray Inc is a Not-for-Profit entity working to advance the interests of the Upper Murray Community and charged with the plan to implement in the 2030 Vision Strategy.

DELWP and AusNet Services are not affiliated with Upper Murray Inc or Indigo Power in any way, however, the organisations are working closely to achieve better outcomes for the people of Towong Shire.

Upper Murray Inc has secured funds from the Victorian State Government through Bushfire Recovery Victoria to install solar and battery systems on approximately 27 public buildings and critical sites.

Some critical sites will have diesel back-up generators where that is deemed necessary. Additionally, three locations will have larger ‘community scale’ batteries estimated to store between 200kWh and 300kWh of electricity.

The target area for the energy systems is in the Upper Murray, on the Victorian side of the border – in Towong Shire. This project also includes installing, with the consent of the host sites, a smart energy controller called a Mondo Ubi. This will be part of the planned broader Virtual Power Plant (VPP) with the potential for Corryong to be integrated in to a microgrid in the future.

In addition, Upper Murray Inc, with their project delivery partner, Indigo Power Ltd, will be offering high efficiency hot water heat pumps with grant subsidies which will both deliver great results for residents and also decrease the scale of overnight electricity use.

The CMSEP is working collaboratively with this program to ensure even stronger results for the Upper Murray.

To contact the team driving the Upper Murray Resilience and Reliability Project please visit: connect@indigopower.com.au


The aim is to improve the energy resilience of Corryong. The project seeks to build a pathway for future energy innovation to support local people and community life, and to provide better energy certainty to the community, including during times of bushfire and other extreme weather events.


AusNet has examined the structure of the local electricity network and locations where the township could be electrically isolated in an emergency. The map below shows the area identified by AusNet where properties could become part of a future microgrid during a power outage or emergency.

The Program Team is seeking input from the Corryong community on the location of infrastructure within the specified area (refer map below)

Map of Corryong with a highlighted section over the main township where a future microgrid could be placed.

Map of Corryong - Highlighted section depicts area that could be part of a future microgrid.


Preparation for implementing this project has included consultation with the following groups:

  • Towong Shire Council
  • Indigo Power
  • Upper Murray Inc
  • RACV
  • DELWP Solar on Public Buildings Program
  • Acres and Acres
  • Bushfire Recovery Victoria


The Program is seeking the following support from the Corryong community to roll-out the simple microgrid and support increased energy resilience for the town.

You can provide input through the Expression of Interest and Survey on this page.

Expression of Interest (EOI):

The EOI can be submitted by residents to apply for subsidised energy systems for their own homes by 28 January 2022, which may include the following:

  • 50 subsidised rooftop solar and battery storage
  • Yet to be finalised number of smart energy control devices

Submit an EOI before 28 January 2022 at: Join Corryong’s first renewable energy program | Mondo

EOI applicants will be contacted within two weeks to discuss the Program and potential solutions, however there is no obligation to proceed. If suitable, the AusNet representative will talk through technology and pricing options and applicants may then elect to proceed to the quote phase. The quote phase will not occur until the first quarter of 2022.

The information submitted in the EOI will comply with the AusNet Services Privacy Policy which can be viewed at: Privacy (ausnetservices.com.au)

Please note: Submitting a Survey does not constitute submitting an Expression of Interest for a subsidised energy system. To submit an Expression of Interest, please see the EOI information above and follow the link to Mondo’s website.

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Your submission has been collected by DELWP to inform the 'Have your say Survey' for the Community Microgrids and Sustainable Energy Program (CMSEP). Your response will be made available to AusNet Services and be used to inform business sites and essential service sites for energy systems; to understand your potential interest in a subsided solar and battery system, and to get your view on the 'electricity supply of the future.' AusNet Services may contact you following your response to the Survey.

The views and experiences of the community are critical to the success of the CMSEP. Stakeholder input received from the Survey will help to achieve the aims of the program.

You will be asked to confirm the following when you respond to the Survey and provide comments.

I agree to my submission being made available to AusNet Services for the purpose of the CMSEP.

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