We’re planning for the future of social and affordable housing in Collingwood. 

We want to deliver more homes that are secure and affordable to better meet the housing needs of Victorians and support strong and inclusive communities. We'll work with the community on the best way to deliver new homes on the available land in Collingwood.  

Aerial image showing the Collingwood housing site with Wellington Street on the west, Perry Street to the north, Vere Street to the south and Collingwood Neighbourhood House and Hoddle Street to the east

Aerial image showing the Collingwood housing site

How to get involved

We asked for community feedback in June and July 2021 to help us understand what is important to improve at the Collingwood housing site.

Our online survey was open from 27 June to 19 July 2021. Thank you to everyone who has contributed feedback.

Next steps

We’ll use your feedback to finalise plans for additional new housing to be delivered on the Collingwood site.

This project will go through different phases. We want to work with you to inform these phases and that’s why your input is important.