Public feedback on the draft plan closed on 9 July 2021.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to contribute their feedback. All of the feedback received is being analysed and a summary of consultation findings is being prepared.

There is an exciting investment in natural parks in the Clyde and Cranbourne area with a new regional park being planned in Clyde.

The Victorian Government has provided $154 million to deliver the Suburban Parks Program which includes 6,500 hectares of new and upgraded parks. This includes a 120 hectare regional park in Clyde which will be created on Ballarto Road beside a new sports precinct. Together the regional park, sports precinct and adjacent drainage basin will create a large community space three times bigger than the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne. This is similar in size to the entire Cranbourne Botanic Gardens including the bushland area.

One of the first steps when creating a new park is making a Park Plan. Before doing this, Parks Victoria wants to hear from the community about your vision and priorities for the new park.

In May and June you can provide input into the Park Plan for this regional park by:

  • Completing a survey below.
  • Attending an online information session (Tuesday 1st June) - you can register in the key events section on this page.

This is the first stage of engagement. There will be further engagement on the final Clyde Regional Park Plan in 2022.

Feedback from stakeholders and community will help Parks Victoria create a Park Plan and set priorities for the park in the future. A summary of engagement results will be made publicly available once the consultation is completed.

Learn about Clyde Regional Park

Clyde Regional Park will be a completely new park.

The community has a chance to help shape the park - what it offers for the community, what will make it special and what will attract people to visit.

This park is being created to provide benefits for the environment as well as the community. Parks Victoria's parks are managed differently to other parks in the city. There will be parts of the park that will be protected for animals and plants with less structures built for recreation. For example, there will be no sports fields as these are provided other nearby sports parks.

We encourage you to read the few slides below to learn about the constraints and opportunities for this exciting new park before completing the survey below.

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