The Victorian Government has identified climate change as one of the biggest threats to the future of the State, with warmer and drier conditions projected to have negative consequences for health, infrastructure, agriculture, water, biodiversity, and alpine and coastal areas. The Victorian Climate Change Act 2017 (the Act) responds to this challenge by establishing a legislative framework to drive action to achieve a net zero emissions, climate-resilient Victorian community and economy by 2050.

The Act requires the Victorian Government to set five yearly interim greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets, starting in 2021, to set the State on a pathway to net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

The Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change, Lily D’Ambrosio, has appointed an Independent Expert Panel (Panel) to provide advice on the first two sets of interim targets for 2021-25 and 2026-30. The Panel members are:

  • The Hon Greg Combet AM (Chair);
  • Dr Penny Whetton; and
  • Dr Lorraine Stephenson.

The Panel is required to present its final report to the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change by 22 February 2019. Further details of the Independent Expert Panel including their terms of reference can be found at https://www.climatechange.vic.gov.au/reducing-emis...

The Panel is using input from the community to inform its advice to the Minister. On 29 March, the Panel published an issues paper for public consultation. This page presents the Panel's issues paper, the questions for consultation, the submissions received, and a summary of these submissions.

Read the summary of submissions

The Panel received a total of 417 submissions to its issues paper, from 48 organisations and 371 individuals. A summary of the key messages emerging from these submissions is below.
Independent Expert Panel: Interim Emissions Reduction Targets for Victoria (2021-2030) Summary of submissions
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Below is a series of questions the Panel is particularly interested in receiving stakeholder feedback on. Discussion relating to each question can be found in the issues paper.

You do not need to answer all questions, particularly if you consider individual questions are not relevant to you or your organisation.

The Panel also welcomes written submissions, which can be uploaded at the bottom of this page.

Emissions Reduction Targets and Trajectories

The Panel is required to recommend one or more interim emissions reduction targets for 2021-2025 and for 2026-2030, and to provide advice on emissions trajectories for Victoria to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. Section 7 of the issues paper provides more information on targets and trajectories.

1a. Should Victoria’s interim emissions reduction targets relate to a national reference point?
1b. If yes, what is the most relevant reference point?
1c. If yes, how should Victorian interim targets relate to this national reference point?
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3a. Do you think a Victorian emissions budget should be used as a tool in the Panel’s analysis?

e.g. 2°C above pre-industrial levels

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e.g. based on population, emissions, GDP, other

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Emissions Reduction Opportunities

There are many potential ways that Victoria’s emissions could be reduced. These include the use of renewable energy (for example solar and wind energy), carbon capture and storage, switching to low carbon or electric vehicles, increasing use of public transport, and improving the energy efficiency of our buildings, businesses and industry. Section 8 of the issues paper provides more information on emissions reduction opportunities.

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These can be related to the opportunities and technologies identified in question 6, or others.

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e.g. electricity generation, transport, the built environment, industry, agriculture, other land-based activities

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e.g. old road vehicles, industrial equipment

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13a. Should international and/or interstate carbon offsets be used to meet Victoria’s interim targets?

Carbon offsets (also known as carbon credits) are generated from projects that prevent or reduce greenhouse gas emissions, or remove them from the atmosphere.

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Impacts and Benefits

Reducing emissions may have a range of benefits and costs for different sectors of the economy, regions and communities. The potential effects of reducing emissions to meet interim targets are discussed in Section 9 of issues paper.

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This is an optional section to be used if you wish to provide additional comments on issues not covered by the questions above. You can also submit resources for the Panel’s consideration or a separate written submission.

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This could include reports, data sets, journal articles etc. Topics include, but are not limited to: emissions reduction opportunities; impacts and benefits of reducing emissions; actions of other states and countries; technology costs.

Please tell us about yourself

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Privacy statement

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The information provided in your submission will be collected by DELWP for the purpose of:

  • supporting the Independent Expert Panel to develop advice for the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change about interim targets for 2021-2030 and trajectories to net zero by 2050;
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  • informing the development of Victorian policies required to meet interim emission reduction targets and net zero emissions by 2050.

Your contact details may be used by DELWP or its contracted service providers under confidentiality agreements to survey you about your experience with DELWP.

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Privacy collection notice

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If you indicate that your submission should remain completely confidential, it will not be published or directly referred to.

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Project Manager for Interim Targets


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