We know that Victorian communities and businesses are already taking part in the global transition to a circular economy, and we would like to hear about it.

Please share your story about any initiative in Victoria that reduces the environmental impacts of production and consumption and gains more productive use from natural resources. For example, your initiative might:

  • reduce environmental harm
  • improve the productive use of materials
  • drive jobs and economic growth and promote new kinds of economic activity.

Your story will help us understand what Victorians are already doing to contribute to a circular economy and the benefits for Victoria. Share your story with others to demonstrate to other Victorian communities, councils and businesses what’s possible.


There are two ways for you to tell us your story*:

1. Press the "Post your story" button below and fill in the form by answering the questions. Upload a picture if you have it!

2. Select the "Add marker" button on the map below and pin point the location of your initiative.

If you've already posted your story add the marker with the same title (in the comment box) to help us identify your story.

*You need to set up an Engage Victoria account to use this tool. That way we can keep in touch and give you kudos.

To support your experience, this page will be moderated. Stories that are offensive, abusive, or are not a story about your contributions to a circular economy will be removed. More information on the moderation policy can be found at https://engage.vic.gov.au/moderation.

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Use of your submission

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