Parks Victoria is amending the existing Churchill National Park and Lysterfield Park Management Plan to reflect changes in park visitation and use.

Since the management plan was formalised in 1998, annual visitation to Churchill National Park and Lysterfield Park has grown from approximately 200,000 visitors to just over 1,000,000 visits per year. This growth has also seen a change to visitor use in the park, with significant growth in recreational activities including mountain biking and running.

Parks Victoria recognises the value these activities provide to the community. Amending the management plan will recognise this change in use as well as ensure contemporary management practices for Aboriginal cultural heritage are followed. The Traditional Owners of the area are represented by the Boon Wurrung Foundation, Bunurong Tribal Council and Wurundjeri Tribe Council.

How to participate

Community feedback will help identify potential opportunities, ideas and risks for the management of Churchill National Park and Lysterfield Park. You can provide your feedback and ideas by completing the survey below or by attending the community drop-in.

Consultation will be open from Monday 11 November 2019 to Sunday 26 January 2020.

Community drop-in event

Those interested in the amendment of the Churchill National Park and Lysterfield Park Management Plan are invited to take part in a community drop-in session, the date and location is as follows:

  • Lysterfield Park Picnic Area (Visitor Information Centre), Sunday 8 December 2019, 08:00am - 12:00pm

At the drop-in session, people can learn more about the management plan amendment and provide their feedback and ideas.


On the map, please provide feedback about current recreational activities and facilities

Add a marker to a place on the map to tell us what you love, where there are issues (such as safety) and what opportunities exist to improve the current recreational activities.

You can zoom in to find the exact place in the park you want to provide feedback about.

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How often do you visit Churchill National Park? Required
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How far do you travel when you visit the parks? Required
What are the main activities you do in these parks? Required

Parks Victoria is reviewing the existing zones and overlays in the park. The revised zones and overlays will support future management of the parks. Please use the Management Zones and Overlays - Fact Sheets available in the Key Documents to inform your response to the below questions.

Do you think the proposed management zones and overlays find a balance between visitor experiences, cultural and environmental values and sensitivity, statewide infrastructure and fire and emergency commitments? Required

Please use the Mountain Biking Fact Sheet available in the Key Documents to inform your response.

When using trails, on average, how long do you walk, run or ride on trails during a single visit to the park? Required
When using trails, on average, how far do you walk, run, or ride in a single visit to the parks? Required
Which walking or running trails do you use most?

Please provide a response if you walk or run on trails.

Please list the trails you use when horse-riding in Lysterfield Park.

Which mountain bike trails do you use the most?

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What is your level of knowledge and awareness of the Traditional Owners and Aboriginal cultural values of these parks? Required

Parks Victoria recognises that Aboriginal people have lived across Victoria for over a thousand generations, maintaining complex societies with languages, kinship systems, laws and spiritualties. Aboriginal people are the original inhabitants, or First Peoples, of this state. Land forms the basis of Aboriginal existence and identity which, along with water and natural resources were sustainably managed according to traditional laws and customs.

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