The Victorian Government will take steps to reduce the impact on local traffic during the construction of the new prison and when the prison is operational in 2022. A Traffic Impact Assessment will be completed to understand the impact of traffic and parking demand when the prison is operational and from construction vehicles and workers during the construction phase.

Construction traffic: During construction there will be a mix of vehicles accessing the site, including delivery trucks and builders’ vehicles. The successful tenderer will provide parking for construction vehicles.

Staff: Traffic generated by staff will generally occur during shift changes. There will also be some staff vehicle movements at other times. Visitors: Most visits will occur on weekends.

Deliveries: Deliveries to the site will generally occur throughout the day. A functional entry road and parking layout that accommodates the unloading/loading of delivery vehicles and waste management vehicles without obstructing other vehicular movements will be provided.

Prison transfers: Prison transport vehicles will move people between prisons and to/from court/other appointments.

Emergency vehicles: Attention will be given to providing appropriate access for emergency vehicles when required. Access roads: Options for a construction road and permanent access road are being explored.