Project overview

The Victorian Government is building a new maximum security prison in the vicinity of the existing prison precinct which includes Barwon Prison and Marngoneet Correctional Centre.

Providing a new maximum security facility is an essential part of the government’s commitment to improving community safety.

Building within the existing prison precinct has been identified as a good option due to existing infrastructure such as road and public transport links and the proximity to local courts.

With significant recent population growth, the Western Victoria region is a location capable of providing for a workforce to build and service the new prison facility.

Project scope

The new prison will:

  • accommodate 1248 prisoners
  • play a key role in planning for increases in the prison population
  • create more than 650 ongoing jobs
  • support hundreds of indirect and direct jobs across the steel, manufacturing, construction, engineering and other sectors
  • deliver an estimated economic benefit of more than $279 million to the Greater Geelong Region during the construction phase.
  • Construction started February 2020 with the facility expected to be operational in 2022.

Expanding Victoria's prison system

Victoria’s prison population has grown substantially in recent years, and with numbers expected to continue to rise, we are planning ahead to ensure we can meet future demand.

The prison precinct is being expanded to meet the demands of Victoria’s increasing prison population. The expansion is also part of ongoing planning to ensure the prison system is safe, secure and well-equipped to meet demand.

The corrections system in Victoria

The Department of Justice and Community Safety and Corrections Victoria focuses on achieving the appropriate balance between a high level of community safety and the humane treatment of prisoners, focusing on strategies to rehabilitate prisoners in custody and tackling the underlying causes of crime to reduce reoffending.

It sets, monitors and reviews standards in both public and private prisons, undertakes business planning, and initiates and manages correctional infrastructure programs.