Lighting features

During the design of the prison, the department will explore every option to reduce any visual impacts of the lighting.

For security and safety purposes, the secure perimeter of the prison is required to be illuminated from dusk until after dawn to allow for visual detection of movement and to facilitate the 24-hour operation of the prison.

The prison will use directional and adjustable LED lighting on the secure perimeter. This is generally the best measure to reduce light pollution and will also help achieve energy savings while maintaining appropriate safety and security.

Illumination of internal pathways and roads will be expected to be not more than the uniform 10 lux (about the same as a night-time urban street) to avoid light spill into prisoner areas and

Illumination of the secure perimeter will be adjustable. During the hours when the secure perimeter needs to be illuminated, lighting will be at reduced lux levels, switching to full lux levels immediately upon activation of the perimeter security system.

Car park lighting

The external car park and the entry areas will feature lighting to Australian standards. Light fittings will include pole, bollard and building-mounted lights located and oriented to control sky glow and glare to limit the impact on the local community and environment.

Security features

The new prison will have multiple security features to ensure the safety of staff, prisoners, visitors and the wider community. The new prison will be classified as maximum security and will accommodate sentenced prisoners and prisoners on remand (yet to be sentenced).

The perimeter security features will be similar to Barwon Prison and Margnoneet Correctional Centre. It will include a continuous concrete wall topped by an anti-climb cowl and will be six metres high in total. This will provide a physical and visual screen between the prison and the surrounding area.