The site

The Victorian Government is building a new maximum security prison in the vicinity of the existing prison precinct which includes Barwon Prison and Marngoneet Correctional Centre.
The land is generally flat and consists of open paddocks that contain patches of native grassland and some scattered trees.

Site assessments

A range of studies are being undertaken to understand the important values of the site and to identify and minimise any impacts on the environment. These studies include:

  • ecological assessment
  • cultural heritage assessment
  • geotechnical and soil contamination assessment
  • bushfire management.

Managing impacts

Minimising environmental impacts will be a focus during the design and construction of the new prison.

If required, an Environmental Management Plan will be developed that sets out the measures to reduce or avoid impacts during the construction of the new facility. This may include fencing off areas, protecting waterways from sediment and reducing the spread of weeds.

Ecologically Sustainable Development

The new facility incorporates ecologically sustainable design features such as:

  • landscaping
  • energy efficiency (for example, design that ensures the facility blends into the natural environment, energy-efficient lighting and alternative energy initiatives)
  • water efficiency (for example, low-flow fittings and water re-use)
  • environmentally sound building materials (for example, incorporation of recycled materials)
    waste minimisation (for example, recycling to divert waste from landfill).