Consultation with Aboriginal communities

A representative from the local Aboriginal community is on the Community Advisory Group and provides the Victorian Government with advice on the views of the local community about the project.

Aboriginal heritage values

The site is within the lands of the Wadawurrung people and has a long history of use by them.

A cultural heritage assessment of the site has commenced to ensure that its Aboriginal cultural values are understood and to identify any particular features that need to be protected.

The department is working with the Wathaurong Aboriginal Corporation on the cultural heritage assessment of the site. This assessment will be used to help prepare a Cultural Heritage Management Plan by a Heritage Adviser in accordance with the Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006.

Cultural Heritage Management Plan

What is a Cultural Heritage Management Plan?

A Cultural Heritage Management Plan (CHMP) is a written report prepared by a qualified Heritage Adviser. It contains results of the cultural heritage assessment and outlines measures to be taken before, during and after an activity in order to manage and protect Aboriginal cultural heritage in the activity area.

Why is a CHMP required?

A CHMP is required when high impact activities are planned in an area of cultural heritage sensitivity, as defined by the Aboriginal Heritage Regulations 2007. Areas of cultural heritage sensitivity are registered Aboriginal cultural heritage places, as well as landforms and land categories that are generally regarded as more likely to contain Aboriginal cultural heritage.

The Chisholm Road Prison Project site is not located within a designated area of cultural heritage sensitivity, but due to the high impact activities the project is undertaking a voluntarily CHMP.

How will the Chisholm Road Prison Project CHMP be prepared?

Before the CHMP for the site is drafted, the Heritage Adviser for the project will meet with representatives of the Wathaurong Aboriginal Corporation to discuss the results of the
cultural heritage assessment. The outcomes of this discussion will be used to prepare recommendations for managing the cultural heritage values of the site, including measures to preserve artefacts
found during the assessment. Once the CHMP is drafted, it will be submitted to the Wathaurong Aboriginal Corporation for comment. Any comments received will then be used to finalise the CHMP.