Report released.

Chiropractic spinal manipulation on children received recent media attention which prompted community concerns about its safety. Safer Care Victoria was asked to lead an independent review of chiropractic spinal manipulation on children under 12 years. The findings of the review have now been released in the form of a report and available to view via the following link:

We appreciate the time consumers, members of the public and health practitioners took to have their voices heard which has contributed to one of the biggest public consultations ever held in the country.

Health Ministers across the country are now considering the Safer Care Victoria review.

The consultation period closed at 5pm on 21 June 2019.

Privacy collection notice

This voluntary survey gives you an opportunity to share your experiences and views of chiropractic spinal care for children under 12 years of age.

Safer Care Victoria collect and handle your personal information (which may include health and other sensitive information) consistent with privacy obligations in the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 and Health Records Act 2001.

You will be required to provide your name, email address and post code to complete the survey. Your name and email address are collected for verification purposes and, with your consent, to allow for follow up consultation by Safer Care Victoria. Your post code will confirm your state of residence and will be used to identify any trends that may exist by region.

If you are a registered practitioner completing the survey, you will be asked to provide your AHPRA registration number to confirm your registration and discipline as detailed on the AHPRA register.

Your personal information will only be used or disclosed as above, or as required by law.

Safer Care Victoria will consult with an independent advisory panel when considering your responses. Any identifying information will be removed from your response prior to being provided to the panel for consideration.

A consultation summary will be available on the Safer Care Victoria website later this year. Safer Care Victoria reserve the right to publish the content provided in your submission, noting that your responses will be de-identified prior to publication. Your de-identified responses may also be provided to the Victorian Minister for Health.

If you are under 18 years old please get permission from an adult to complete the survey. You can fill out the survey, but the adult who gave you permission will need to provide their contact details.

Please refer to the FAQs if you have any queries in respect of this survey or contact Safer Care Victoria,

Safer Care Victoria is interested in the views of registered practitioners. In order to verify that a response is genuinely from a registered practitioner we ask that you provide your AHPRA registration number. Once verified, your response will be de-identified prior to any disclosure to the independent advisory panel.

If you do not provide your AHPRA registration number you will not be able to answer specific questions designed for registered practitioners however you can still participate in the survey by providing general comments.