Wind farms play an important role in ensuring a sustainable, reliable and affordable energy future for all Victorians.

Clear and consistent wind farm noise regulation is needed to provide certainty to industry and confidence for communities.

The new Environment Protection Act 2017 (as amended) will provide a transformational change to environmental regulation in Victoria, with the introduction of a 'general environmental duty' and 'unreasonable noise' provisions. A new regulatory framework is required to align the approach to managing wind farm noise with the Act.

The Victorian Government invited feedback on three options for regulating wind farm noise under the Act. After consideration of a range of possible approaches, the relative costs and benefits of these options were assessed in a regulatory impact statement.

  • Option 1: No additional regulation – relying on general provisions within the new Environment Protection Act
  • Option 2: Direct regulation – setting specific requirements for compliance
  • Option 3: Permissions – requiring permission from the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) to produce wind turbine noise within set limits

The Government also invited feedback on a package of requirements for wind farm operators to demonstrate compliance with the Act, as proposed under two of the options.

The following package of requirements for wind farm operators was proposed under both Option 2 (direct regulation) and Option 3 (permissions):

  • Complying in an ongoing manner with the relevant noise standard (the New Zealand Noise Standard NZS 6808);
  • Implementing a noise management plan, including a complaints management plan;
  • Providing an annual statement of actions taken to ensure compliance;
  • Completing a post-construction noise assessment; and
  • Undertaking noise assessments every five years.

The government has considered feedback from the public, and is currently finalising the preferred regulatory option.

For more information, see the document library below for:

  • a summary fact sheet
  • the regulatory impact statement
  • the draft regulations.

For any questions or further comments you can also email windfarmnoise@delwp.vic.gov.au .

Document Library

​If you need an accessible version of any of these documents, please call the DELWP Contact Centre on 136186 or email windfarmnoise@delwp.vic.gov.au
Wind Farm Noise - Fact Sheet
PDF (94.61 KB)
Wind Farm Noise - Regulatory Impact Statement
PDF (1.47 MB)
Wind Farm Noise - Draft Regulations
MS Word (84.88 KB)

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