Collection Notice

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning is committed to protecting personal information provided by you in accordance with the principles of the Victorian privacy laws.

Your submission has been collected by DELWP to inform the development of the Central and Gippsland Sustainable Water Strategy.

De-identified survey responses and uploaded submissions may be published in the engagement summary, discussion draft, or its appendices.

DELWP may publish a copy of your submission or quote directly from your submission in the DELWP response to the feedback received or on the DELWP website or other Victorian Government website.

If you do not wish your submission to be published or to have content from your submission quoted in the DELWP response to consultation, please tick the box above (before the submit button). All submissions are public documents. Please do not include personally identifying information in the body of your submission

You may access the information you have provided to the department by emailing

More information about the department's privacy policy is available via the link below: