The Community Safety Network (CSN) project concluded on 30 October 2019. This page contains an overview of the activities delivered as part of Cardinia Community Safety Network.

Cardinia community safety project

Cardinia police are delivering a series of crime prevention and community engagement campaigns called Operation Engage Cardinia. This project is being delivered with support from Neighbourhood Watch and Crime Stoppers.

The project aims to educate Cardinia residents about the themes of family violence, burglary and theft from homes, youth antisocial behaviour and road safety. Police will share community safety information at events in the community and online via the Cardinia Eyewatch Facebook page

The project is in response to local safety concerns raised by Cardinia residents at the community safety forums held in late 2017.

About the project

The first phase of Operation Engage Cardinia began in November 2018 with a family violence campaign.

The family violence campaign was delivered over four weeks with different key messages shared each week of the campaign. Highlights from the campaign included short video posts on Eyewatch Cardinia Facebook page by local police members with practical tips on bystander action, links to a wide variety of local services, information on how Victoria Police deal with reports of Family Violence and a useful mental health checklist.

The campaign was launched with the ‘Walk against Violence’ from the Pakenham Library, where police and project partners marched proudly alongside community and staff from local service providers.

Watch a video from the launch of the family violence campaign on Cardinia Eyewatch Facebook page

A police officer standing outside a cafe talking with members of the public

Photo: ‘Coffee with Cop’ was held at the Village Way Café in November 2018 with a focus on family violence issues.

In February this year, Cardinia police launched a campaign about burglary and theft from homes. As part of the campaign, police talked about how the crime statistics (since October 2015) have seen rates of burglary decreasing and provided tips to residents on how they could better secure their homes. Some of the key tips included information about the most common methods of entry for burglaries in Cardinia and the importance of locking doors; and encouraging residents to take the Neighbourhood Watch’s ‘How Safe is My Place’ quiz.

Police also attended the Upper Beaconsfield Village Festival (see photo) and distributed crime prevention information and discussed community concerns with the public and gave tips on how to best avoid becoming a victim of property theft in the area.

Police officers talking with two members of the public at a community event

Photo: Local police provided crime prevention tips at the Upper Beaconsfield Village

Crime Stoppers 'Consideration is key' campaign

In Cardinia Crime Stoppers Victoria asked residents to take action and consider how accessible their car keys are to potential car thieves as a part of the 'Consideration is key' campaign.

The two-week campaign featured on social media, in local newspapers and radio, in advertisement panels on shopping centres as well as with some community engagement activity.

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