Parks Victoria will introduce a new way to stay overnight or short stays in iconic park locations around the state.

We are conducting a pilot with three designs of low environmental impact, fully transportable Eco Sleeper Pods.

Throughout the pilot program we want to get feedback from you about the design, amenity, accessibility and visual impact of the pods, as well as the kinds of activities you’d like to experience.

The pilot will include a variety of styles with and without kitchen and bathroom facilities, as well as the ‘off grid’ models that are fully self-sufficient with electricity and water.

Stringent environmental monitoring will be carried out throughout the pilot process, with environmental sustainability, energy efficiency and minimal environmental disturbance being the major focus. The Eco Sleeper Pods will be built from environmentally friendly materials, and facilities such as cleaning and rubbish removal will adhere to best practice standards.


We aim to make the Eco Sleeper Pods accessible for all abilities where possible and compliant with the relevant Australian Standards. Feedback will be sought from current and prospective visitors with a broad range of abilities to ensure the provision of an inclusive experience that enables visitors with a disability, their families and carers to obtain the health and wellbeing benefits from visiting a park.

About the CANOPY Eco Sleeper Pods

There will be four pods tested during the pilot program, two each from:

  • JAWS Architects + Pod Matrix
  • Troppo Architects + Oscar Building

Read the Project Information Summary to learn more about the pilot program. Diagrams and drawings showing details of the pods' design and materials are also provided below.

How to participate

Visit a display pod in a park or read about them here and then provide your feedback using the survey form below. The survey is open until 31 May 2018.

CANOPY – Eco Sleeper Pods will be on display to the public on the following dates:

  • Albert Park Lake, Grand Prix 22-26 March 2018
  • Point Nepean National Park Information Centre near the Quarantine Station, daily from 14-29 April 2018


Parks Victoria seeks your feedback on the Eco Sleeper Pods’ design, amenity, accessibility and visual impact, as well any other comments you have about the introduction of sleeper pod accommodation.
1. Have you visited one of Parks Victoria’s CANOPY Eco Sleeper Pod displays? Required
2. Have you reviewed the supporting documents – including the visual illustrations, floor plans and information sheets? Required

Please comment on the style, layout, amenities and visitor experience.

4. What is your overall level of support for the introduction of the CANOPY - Eco Sleeper Pod experience? Required
5. If you were to stay in an Eco Sleeper Pod, what other optional add-on experiences would you like to see offered as part of your stay? Required
6. The Eco Sleeper Pods are transportable. In what types of locations would you like to see them based? Required

How do you think the introduction of Eco Sleeper Pod accommodation might impact visits for the following users?

9. How often do you visit Victoria’s parks? Required
10. How often do you stay overnight in a park? Required
11. What is the main reason for your interest in Eco Sleeper Pods?
12. Do you have accessibility requirements or limitations which impact your ability to access Victorian parks? Required
13. If yes, would an accessible Eco Sleeper Pod make you more likely to stay in park?
14. How satisfied are you with Parks Victoria’s engagement process in terms of opportunities to get involved and provide your views? Required
15. Have you engaged with Parks Victoria on other projects in the past 12 months? Required