The Loddon Mallee region occupies more than a quarter of Victoria. It has a diverse landscape and a wide range of industries operating across it.

Our planning team is developing a strategic bushfire management strategy which covers both public and private land. The team includes representatives from DELWP, CFA, Parks Victoria and local government.

Since we last heard from you, the team has been modelling risk and drafting strategy options for the new bushfire management plans.

As the Loddon Mallee region is so big and diverse, we have decided to present the draft strategy options by local government area (your local shire or city council).

The summary diagram below gives a brief description of each of our three draft strategy options overall. In the Document Library in the right side bar of this page (or scroll to the bottom of the page if you're on a mobile device), we have a set of maps for each council area which show each draft strategy option. We want to hear your thoughts about the draft strategy options in all the council areas that are relevant to you (where you live, work and play).

We also want to hear from you about managing fuel on private land, and your thoughts about some other strategies we are trialing for prevention and suppression of bushfires.

Phase 2: Strategy Options

Click on the arrows in the slider below to move through the options.

Q1. For each Shire or City Council, which is your preferred strategy option?

The Loddon Mallee region is very large and diverse, and we recognise that what works in one location may not be what works in another. Below is your opportunity to select your preferred strategy option for each local council area you care about - just select which strategy option your prefer for that council area. You may answer for as many local council areas as you'd like, and leave any that you don't want to answer for blank. Go to the Document Library (right-hand side bar on a computer or bottom of the page on a mobile device) to view the maps for your council area. Please note for Hindmarsh, Yarriambiack, Northern Grampians and Pyrenees Shires, the maps only cover the area that falls within Mallee or Murray Goldfields fire districts. Visit the Grampians page to comment on the southern parts of these shires.

Strategy Option A
Strategy Option B
Strategy Option C
Swan Hill
Greater Bendigo
Central Goldfields
Mount Alexander
Macedon Ranges
Hindmarsh (Northern section)
Yarriambiack (Northern section)
Northern Grampians (North East section)
Pyrenees (Northern section)

Please specify which council your comment relates to if you selected a preferred strategy for more than one council.

You can leave this blank if there's nothing you'd change, or you're not sure. Please specify which council your comment relates to if you selected a preferred strategy for more than one council.

You can leave this blank if there's nothing you want to say. Please specify which council your comment relates to if you selected a preferred strategy for more than one council.

This section of the survey will focus on bushfire fuel management on private land.

Bushfire fuels include anything that can burn in a bushfire, such as dried grass, shrubs, branches, sticks, bark and leaf litter. Bushfire fuel management can include activities such as slashing, burning, physical removal and mulching.

Your feedback will inform the direction of bushfire management approaches on private land and how fire agencies and land managers can better partner with community to reduce bushfire risk. It is very important to note that under the CFA Act, nothing can occur on your property without your informed consent.

Q5. What activities, if any do you currently undertake to reduce bushfire fuels on your property?

You may select as many of these activities that are relevant to you.

Managing bushfire fuels can reduce risks to your property and the broader community.

1. Extremely unlikely 2. Unlikely 3. Neutral 4. Likely 5. Extremely likely

1. Very low extent 2. Low extent 3. Neutral 4. High extent 5. Very high extent

Q8. What support, if any would you need to manage bushfire fuels on your property?
Q9. To what extent do you think the following people are responsible for managing bushfire fuels on private property including your own property?
Not at all responsible
Somewhat responsible
Mostly responsible
Solely responsible
My community
Fire agencies (e.g. CFA, FFMVic)
Local Council

Prevention and Suppression Pilot Strategies

Loddon Mallee is a current trial region for extending strategic planning to include a risk-based approach to bushfire prevention (stopping fires from starting) and suppression (how we stop fires that have started).

It is likely the pilot strategy for bushfire prevention and suppression will take the form of risk based mapping. For example, identifying the riskiest places for bushfires to start, in order to focus management actions there. To assist us in developing this approach, we are interested in your opinion on how bushfire prevention and suppression actions could be improved.

  1. Increased patrols in forests, campgrounds and recreation areas on high risk days #
  2. Increased fines for people who light fires on Total Fire Ban days #
  3. Education programs tailored to different sections of the community #
  4. Increased fines for landholders who don't clean up their properties #
  5. More investment in research and development for improved fire management solutions #
  6. Arson prevention programs #
  1. Improve access and egress in new estates #
  2. Develop an app for landholders with suitable equipment to become first responders to bush/grass fires #
  3. Preposition aircraft for improved response time to high risk areas #
  4. Paid CFA seasonal firefighters #
  5. Improve knowledge across response agencies on potential local water points and access #
  6. Build and maintain more firebreaks #
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Q13. What is your interest in bushfire management in the Loddon Mallee region?
Q15. How did you find out about this community consultation?

The survey form is now closed. Thanks for your contributions.

Privacy Collection Notice

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning is committed to protecting personal information provided by you in accordance with the principles of the Victorian privacy laws.


This Privacy Collection Statement relates to all submissions collected in relation to the strategic bushfire management planning process being conducted across Victoria. Agencies involved in fire management across Victoria have been charged with undertaking a strategic planning process to guide bushfire management actions on public and private land into the future. The agencies involved in this process are Forest Fire Management Victoria (FFMVic), CFA, Local Government and Parks Victoria.

Forest Fire Management Victoria is providing administrative services to the consultation. FFMVic is part of the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (the Department) and submissions will be managed in accordance with the Department’s Information Privacy Policy. The Department’s Information Privacy Policy can be viewed at www.delwp.vic.gov.au/privacy.

Use of your submission

The information you provide will be made available to the Strategic Bushfire Management Planning Teams involved in the planning process, including representatives from FFMVic, CFA, Local Government and Parks Victoria.

This consultation is intended to give the community an opportunity to be involved in the strategic bushfire management planning process by providing information that informs the development of bushfire management strategies across Victoria. The consultation will be conducted in three phases:

  • Phase 1: Strategic planning objectives
  • Phase 2: Fire management strategies and actions
  • Phase 3: Feedback on final results of planning process

If you freely and voluntarily provide any sensitive information under the Act in your submission DELWP will consider that provision to be consent to collect the information and will then protect it under the Information Privacy Principles in the Act. Sensitive information is information relating to racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, membership of a political association or trade association/union, religious or philosophical beliefs or affiliations, sexual preference or criminal record.

You have the right to access and correct your personal information about you that is held by DELWP. Requests for access should be sent to the Manager Privacy, P.O. Box 500 East Melbourne 3002.

Phase 1 Results

Below is a snapshot of what we heard during Phase 1 of our engagement, which asked about regional objectives. You can also download or read the full Loddon Mallee Phase 1 Engagement Summary from the Document Library.

Loddon Mallee Phase 1 Engagement Summary Infographic