Hume Region contains some of the most at risk of fire landscapes in the world, comprising of approximately 20 percent of the total area of Victoria spanning twelve local government and four Alpine Resort Board areas. A particular feature of the Hume Region’s landscape is its change in character as it transitions from flat Murray River floodplains and undulating hills in the west through to the foothills and mountain ranges of the Great Dividing Range containing the Victorian Alps in the east. This variation in topography and land use influences how bushfires behave, the properties at risk, the types of assets and how we respond to fire.

The planning process to develop a second generation Strategic Bushfire Management Plan in Hume Region has commenced. This plan will outline our approach to managing bushfire risk across public and private land, placing an emphasis on communities, stakeholders and land and fire agencies working together to maximise the effectiveness of everyone's actions in reducing risk.

Below is a snapshot of what we heard during Phase 1 of our engagement , which sought feedback on regional objectives. You can also read or download the full Hume Region Engagement Summary report from the Document Library.

Hume Region Phase 1 Engagement Summary Infographic