Based on recommendations of a review led by the Inspector-General for Emergency Management, the Victorian Government has adopted a new approach to fuel management and risk reduction. This approach focuses on how effective actions are in reducing risk, not just the number of hectares burnt or modified. It also means thinking about both public and private land, with closer cooperation between CFA, Parks Victoria, DELWP and Councils to help protect lives, property, infrastructure, jobs and the environment.

New bushfire management strategies for Barwon South West Region are being developed. This process will help determine where risk reduction activity such as planned burning takes place, as well as how often, and how much land is burnt or modified.

We value the experience and ideas of the community and encourage you to be involved to help us understand what is important to you, and why. This will help us to develop a strategy that has objectives and actions that reflect what is most valued by the people who visit, live in or work in our community.

Below is a summary of what we heard during Phase 1 of our engagement, which sought feedback on regional objectives. You can also download or read the full Barwon Southwest Engagement Summary report in our Document Library.

Barwon Southwest Phase 1 Engagement Summary Infographic