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The government is in the process of considering next steps for this project, following the consultations. However, this has been significantly delayed by the bushfire season of 2019-20 and the subsequent COVID-19 pandemic.

We are working to progress this matter as soon as practicable and will communicate the outcomes when this occurs.


In 2018, the Bushfire Advisory Group – made up of local community members and chaired by Hon John Brumby AO – recommended the creation of a program or space that would provide bushfire education and raise awareness of the recent and historical bushfires that have impacted Victoria.

This online consultation seeks community views on topics such as the need for a bushfire centre, the best way to realise the concept, possible locations if a permanent site were to be established and what visitors would expect to see and learn during a visit.

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7. What is important in terms of location?

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8. If in a fixed location, where would you expect this centre be located?
9. If a bushfire centre was created, how often would you and/or your family visit?
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