Braybrook is growing and evolving as new jobs are brought to the inner west, and new residents choose to live in Braybrook as it is affordable and close to Sunshine and the city. Change is already noticeable in the streets of Braybrook, as older homes are being replaced and new infrastructure is delivered.

The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA), in partnership with Department of Transport (DoT) and Homes Victoria, is working with Maribyrnong City Council to make sure the right support is put in place for the current and future Braybrook community.

The Braybrook Regeneration Project is focused on planning for:

  • New and improved open space and community facilities
  • More diverse and affordable housing
  • Vibrant activity areas for shopping, work and play
  • Safer and easier travel
  • Greener streets, parks and homes

  • Our planning includes the preparation of a Braybrook Urban Design Framework (or Braybrook UDF) and planning scheme amendment. The UDF is a planning document that will set out the types of housing, services and infrastructure that a growing Braybrook will need.

    Read the 'Towards a Braybrook Urban Design Framework' document

    We’ve worked with our project partners to prepare ‘Towards a Braybrook Urban Design Framework’ to explore ideas about the future opportunities for Braybrook. These include housing, environment, urban design, transport, and community infrastructure opportunities. Once reviewed by the community, these ideas will inform the preparation of a draft Urban Design Framework.

    You can read the full version of Towards a Braybrook Urban Design Framework and a project brochure which explains the key concepts below.

    Community feedback

    We spoke with the Braybrook community to understand if our future plans for Braybrook meet the community’s needs. The community consultation activities concluded on Friday 28 May. Feedback from this phase of community consultation will be considered as the VPA prepares the draft Braybrook Urban Design Framework and draft planning scheme amendment.

    Next steps

    Another round of public consultation will occur later in 2021 on the draft planning documents. The community will be invited to provide further input again at this time.

    After the next phase of public consultation, the VPA will consider the submissions received from the community, Council and state agencies, and any unresolved issues will be reviewed by an impartial committee before the Victorian Government decides whether to approve the final UDF.

    If approved, the UDF and planning scheme amendment will become part of the Maribyrnong Planning Scheme.

    Braybrook Regeneration Precinct Boundary

    This map outlines the boundaries of the regeneration precinct in Braybrook. It is bound by the southern side of Ballarat Road, the eastern side of Duke Street, the northern side of the railway line and the western edge of Central West Activity Centre and Ashley Street.

    The commercial business area in the south-east corner of Braybrook is excluded from the project boundary.

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