The Victorian Planning Authority is continuing to work with key stakeholders to plan for Beveridge North West and provide certainty for the future community.

The VPA has revised the plan to respond to Planning Panels Victoria’s independent recommendations.

In 2020, an independent panel considered in detail the arguments for and against planning for a quarry in the BNW precinct. The panel found that a quarry should be planned for.

Therefore, the VPA’s changes to the plan and engagement with the community are limited to considering how (not if) the draft PSP and associated planning scheme amendment documents appropriately reflect the panel’s recommendations.

The VPA is proposing innovative planning controls that provide certainty through a 20-year quarry lifespan and strict rehabilitation requirements. A special Ministerial Advisory Committee has been set up to consider all of the current planning processes - this includes the updated precinct plan, the infrastructure plan and the quarry permit application.

The Victorian Planning Authority has prepared draft Amendment C158 to incorporate the Beveridge North West Precinct Structure Plan (the PSP) into the Mitchell Planning Scheme to supersede Amendment C106mith. The VPA has also prepared draft Amendment C161 to introduce the Beveridge North West ICP into the Mitchell Planning Scheme.

What has changed

The VPA has made changes to the Beveridge North West Precinct Structure Plan and associated documents since we last engaged with the community in 2019.

We have revised the precinct structure plan and associated documents to respond to independent recommendations from Planning Panels Victoria (PPV) to plan for the quarry and Burrung Buluk (former Hanna Swamp*) in Beveridge North West. The full version of PPV’s report, including the recommendations, can be accessed here:

Planning Panels Victoria’s recommendations resulted in significant changes to the precinct structure plan. Given the nature of the changes, the Minister for Planning asked the VPA to prepare new draft Amendments and engage with the community on the changes we have made.

We’re now sharing the updated planning documents and inviting you to have your say. At the heart of our new plans is certainty for the future community. This has been a critical consideration for the VPA in revising the precinct structure plan.

*Note, these names have not officially been registered. They still need to be confirmed with the naming authority and Geographic Names Victoria, DELWP.

The above map displays the layout and uses of land within the Beveridge North West precinct. Including the location of the proposed quarry and swamp in the north and north-western parts of the precinct, and the buffer zones to support their inclusion.

Document Library

Beveridge North West's document library is extensive, with over 50 pieces of information from background reports, studies, maps and ordinances. To make browsing the library simpler, we've broken the documents into three tabs with subheadings for each.

Precinct Structure Plan

Beveridge North West PSP – Mith C158 – PSP Changes Matrix – November 2021
PDF (125.15 KB)
Beveridge North West PSP - Mith C158 - Draft Precinct Structure Plan - November 2021
PDF (8.74 MB)

Infrastructure Contributions Plan

Beveridge North West – Mith C161 – Draft Infrastructure Contributions Plan – November 2021
PDF (3.24 MB)