The Bushfire Mitigation Plan (BMP) for Bendigo will be a strategic plan that outlines how agencies and property owners can deliver the most effective bushfire mitigation works to reduce the risk to life and property across both public and private land in Bendigo.

The main aim of the BMP project is to identify within the landscape Strategic Breaks, areas of Defendable Space and Strategic Access & Egress, regardless of land tenure. The BMP will complement Planned Burning and consolidate, where possible, other existing fuel management activities.

When the BMP is completed, agencies and private land owners will be able to carry out approved works where they need to happen regardless of tenure, to create the greatest impact to reduce the risk of bushfires to life and property in Bendigo.

When the BMP is approved, works outlined in the Plan will be undertaken in Bendigo to reduce risk on public land by supporting early detection and rapid suppression of fires through improved roads, the creation of strategic breaks and more defendable space as well as new signage. 

Managing bushfire risk is an ongoing and shared responsibility where everyone has a role. Under the Safer Together initiative, local communities will be involved in the planning and decision-making process of the BMP to find local solutions to reduce bushfire risk in Bendigo.

How to participate

We would love to understand if our vision for the plan aligns with the community’s areas of priority and concern in relation to bushfire risk in Bendigo.

Using the interactive map, please review the proposed bushfire mitigation works in Bendigo and provide your feedback by completing the survey questions beneath the map.

If you have feedback about specific works shown on the map, you can drop a pin and leave a comment in the area of works your feedback relates to.

If you are having any trouble using the interactive mapping tool, you can view the proposed works using the PDF maps provided here:

Next steps

Feedback provided by the community and key stakeholders will inform the final Bushfire Mitigation Plan for Bendigo. This plan will then be used as a part of further funding applications to implement the proposed works. All proposed works will go through the normal cultural and ecological checking processes before any works are approved to go ahead.

Collection Notice

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning is committed to protecting personal information provided by you in accordance with the principles of the Victorian privacy laws. The information you provide will be used by DELWP to inform the final Bendigo Bushfire Mitigation Plan. The information in your submission is collected by DELWP to administer the public consultation process only.

DELWP may do the following with the information you provide in your submission and questionnaire response:

  • use the email address you provide to update you on the project as it progresses
  • publish de-identified and aggregated questionnaire results on the DELWP website or other Victorian Government website.
  • quote directly from your submission in the draft and final engagement reports

You have the right to access and correct your information. Requests for access should be sent to Lynda Mabon, Project Officer DELWP Loddon Mallee