The new station at Huntly will be located on the north side of the rail line, west of the Wakeman Road level crossing.

To identify the most suitable station location, Rail Projects Victoria assessed the location proposed in the Huntly Township Plan (2009), as well as other locations, against several criteria including the operational requirements of the project, value for money and how the location connects with the road network and is consistent with current land uses.

The proposed station location is situated on land zoned for rail use, does not require the acquisition of private property and is easily integrated with the transport network, including road access, and will help meet future demand in the area.

The new Huntly Station will include:

  • a single-sided platform on the north side of the rail line
  • lighting, seating and shelter
  • signage, CCTV, and public address (PA) system
  • car parking with lighting and CCTV
  • a bus stop and two bus bays.

Some vegetation will be removed to allow access to the new Huntly Station from Wakeman Road. The station has been designed to minimise the amount of vegetation that requires removal.

New location compared to previous location included in the City of Greater Bendigo’s Huntly Township Plan (2009).

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