The Victorian Government is transforming local education through the Bayswater Education Plan.

The plan will focus on primary and secondary education in Bayswater and provide an appropriate framework to map infrastructure needs so local students have access to the facilities they need to reach their full potential.

We are working with key local stakeholders to identify community needs and develop a plan to meet these.

Stakeholders include schools, local government, local business and other education providers.

The data from the surveys will be used to help build community pride and confidence in your local schools.

Submissions opened Wednesday 14th April and closed Wednesday 5 May at 5pm.

Next Steps

We will use the data from the survey to support the development of the new Bayswater Education Plan.

This data, combined with further engagement being run across early 2021, will provide us with a clear picture of community needs and will be outlined in a published ‘What We Heard’ community report.