We’re upgrading and building new facilities at the Bayside Special Development School.

The project will provide specialist education services and first class facilities for children and young people with special needs from ages 3-18.

We want your feedback so we can build the best possible facilities for the whole school community.

We invite you to complete the short survey, which should take approximately 5 minutes. Your feedback will inform our architects to design a truly inclusive environment for current and future educational and community needs.

The survey will be open from Monday 4 September to Friday 22 September.


In regards to sensory play, my child loves (please pick 4)
Do you use a bus service to get your child to school?
If you currently do use a bus service, would a well-designed kiss and go drop off area encourage you to drop your child to school directly?
Would you consider accessing before and after school activities for your child if they were provided at Bayside SDS?
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Would you or your family be interested in using facilities at Bayside SDS out of school hours?
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If Bayside SDS offered a school holiday program, would you use it?

The survey form is now closed. Thanks for your contributions.