Amendment C94 to the Golden Plains Planning Scheme

Amendment C94 introduced the Bannockburn Growth Plan into the Golden Plains Planning Scheme. The Amendment was approved by the Minister for Planning and gazetted on 17 September, 2021.

To view a copy of the approved amendment documentation, including the Bannockburn Growth Plan, refer to:

  • Bannockburn Growth Plan (PDF) (Approved and Gazetted)
  • Amendment C94

For further information, refer to Bannockburn Growth Plan.

About the Bannockburn Growth Plan

The Bannockburn Growth Plan (Growth Plan) guides the sustainable growth of Bannockburn to the year 2050. The Growth Plan identifies where and when future housing will be developed. It also identifies what infrastructure is needed to support the growing community, such as roads and community facilities, and land for employment and retail.

VPA Fast Track Program

The Bannockburn Growth Plan and subsequent priority Precinct Structure Plan were identified as a project on the VPA’s Fast Track Program here.

The project used the VPA Projects Standing Advisory Committee (SAC) to consider unresolved matters from public consultation and provide advice to the Minister and the Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) prior to the VPA finalising the a draft amendment for the Minister for Planning’s consideration.

VPA Projects Standing Advisory Committee (SAC) Roundtable

The SAC held a roundtable hearing in March 2021 to consider submissions referred to it by the Minister. The SAC submitted its report on the outcomes and recommendations of the roundtable to the Minister and the VPA on 6 April 2021. For a copy of the report, refer to:


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