This review is now closed.

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Wildlife is protected in Victoria under the Wildlife Act 1975 (Wildlife Act) and it is illegal to wilfully disturb or destroy wildlife without authorisation from the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP).

The Authority to Control Wildlife (ATCW) system was set up to administer and regulate authorisations issued under the Wildlife Act for the control of wildlife, where it is damaging property, crops or pasture, impacting biodiversity, or posing a risk to human health or safety.

Over the last few years there has been increasing community interest in the way the ATCW system is managed. Community members have raised specific concerns with DELWP about the system and have provided suggestions for how they feel it could be improved. DELWP has decided that it is time to review the system to ensure that it meets the needs of the community, while also ensuring the sustainability of Victoria's wildlife species.

DELWP is considering feedback from the Victorian community on ways that the system could be improved. The public consultation period has now closed.

A summary of the responses received during the consultation period is attached below. Thank you to everyone who participated.