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Arden is a state significant urban renewal precinct located in North Melbourne. The 46-hectare Arden precinct lies west of North Melbourne’s established residential area and south of the Macaulay urban renewal precinct.

A structure plan was first prepared for Arden and the adjoining Macaulay precincts in 2012 by the City of Melbourne.

Parts of the Arden–Macaulay Structure Plan were enacted on an interim basis through planning scheme amendments C190 and C295 to the Melbourne Planning Scheme, which introduced new planning controls for Macaulay.

Following the announcement of the Metro Tunnel Project, the Victorian Government directed the Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) to undertake planning work to support the renewal of Arden, including preparation of a structure plan. This included planning for the renewal of the large area of government-owned land around the new Arden station.

The VPA on behalf of the Victorian Government in consultation with the City of Melbourne prepared a vision for Arden.

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The below map displays Arden's Future Urban Structure.

A proposed land use framework map of the Arden precinct detailing the potential future uses.

A map of the Arden future urban structure

What has changed since the Draft Arden Structure Plan?

We've made updates to the Arden Structure Plan since we released the Draft Arden Structure Plan for consultation in June 2020. These are based on community feedback, as well as expert technical reports and further analysis and testing.

Our plans for Arden have been shaped by the insights and priorities of the Arden community.

We engaged the community on the Draft Arden Vision & Framework in 2016 and on the Draft Arden Structure Plan in 2020.

We heard from about 800 community members over the course of these two phases, which helped ensure our vision and plans for the precinct captured the aspirations of Arden’s diverse community.

We also heard from Traditional Owners that they generally support our approach to embedding Aboriginal cultural values and heritage, and emphasised the importance of encouraging cultural inclusion and expression.

Artist impression of the future Arden precinct displaying public open space including cycle path, tree canopy and outdoor mixed-use areas

Artist impression of the future Arden urban scene


Planning documents

Arden's document library is extensive, with over 50 pieces of information from background reports, studies, maps and ordinances. To make browsing the library simpler, we've broken the documents into three tabs with subheadings for each.

Engagement documents

Background Studies

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