Summary of feedback released

On Friday the 15 June the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) released the Anglesea Futures Summary of Feedback - Draft Land Use Plan and Engagement Report.

Its release is consistent with the Government’s commitment to share a summary of feedback following each round of engagement.

Please find a copy of the Anglesea Futures Summary of Feedback - Draft Land Use Plan and Engagement Report in the Document Library (below right on this page).

DELWP appreciates the diverse and often passionate views of people and organisations that have participated in Anglesea Futures. We value your time, insight and persistence over the past three years.

DELWPs commitment to engagement is about sharing information, listening and considering differing views. The process was not compulsory for the community, and while DELWPs engagement process was extensive, we acknowledge the summary of feedback reflects the range of views of those who made their voices heard, either as individuals, organisations or as part of a wider campaign.

There are many voices within the Anglesea community and this is reflected in feedback that ranged from support to concern. All have been considered on their merits in the preparation of the final Plan which also needs to consider relevant policies and site attributes.

Direct quotes have been included in the summary of feedback, demonstrating the exact words used within the diverse feedback received. Submitters are not identified to protect their privacy, which is also why full submissions are not being released. Not only is this a requirement but it provides opportunities for personal views to be submitted in a confidential manner.

Feedback received is being considered by the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change and the Minister for Planning to inform a decision on the final Plan, which is expected to be released in the near future.


Community Conversations

Following the closure of the mine and power station north of Anglesea in 2015, the Anglesea Futures Community Conversations was established by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP), Surf Coast Shire Council and Parks Victoria.

These conversations provides for community discussion on a range of issues including future land use, the heath, and water.

Land Use Planning

DELWP is preparing the Anglesea Futures Strategic Land Use Plan (the Plan), it includes the former mine and power station together with surrounding land north of Anglesea.

The area is changing and a plan is required to guide its future, to ensure it continues to make a positive contribution to Anglesea and the wider region.

The coal mine and power station has significantly changed the natural landscape and now a new use is required to guide the area’s future.

The Plan will provide high-level strategic direction for possible land uses. It will be a framework to inform potential future actions including design, approvals, management and development.

The Plan is being informed by opportunities identified by relevant policy and the community. A range of community engagement phases and community input has occurred since the Anglesea Futures Community Conversations series commenced in 2015. The Plan is also being informed by the study area’s attributes, including environmental and cultural significance, bushfire risk, areas that have been disturbed and the future land form as identified in Alcoa’s draft Mine Rehabilitation and Closure Plan.

It is important to understand that the Plan will provide a strategic direction and will guide future implementation steps. While the Plan provides a framework to guide the future, it does not rezone any land nor approve any development, which will need to go through standard planning processes, including public consultation. Standard processes include the appointment of an independent panel to consider objections to proposed amendments to the Surf Coast Shire Planning Scheme, which includes applications to rezone private freehold land.

Any future concept or development proposal will need to justify why it is appropriate, including how it responds to the site, the Anglesea township and the Anglesea Futures Strategic Land Use Plan. Detailed information would also be required on the proposed design responses to bushfire risk and native vegetation.

The Draft Land Use Plan

The feedback period has closed for the Draft Land Use Plan, following engagement from 18 December 2017 to 16 March 2018.

For reference, please see a copy of the Draft Land Use Plan in the Document Library (below right on this page).