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Parks Victoria thanks everyone who took the time to contribute their feedback and ideas to the future plan. All of the feedback received is being analysed and a engagement findings report is being prepared.

We are rebuilding the historic Altona Pier, and locals are invited to help shape the future design of the western suburbs’ icon.

Share your views by selecting a preferred design option below and tell us how these designs could be improved to better suit the way you currently use Altona Pier and embrace future opportunities.

Your input will help Parks Victoria select a preferred option to then be further refined through a detail design process. Altona Pier is a popular fishing spot and plays a central role in recreational and community life in the suburb, this is why your input is essential in designing a new pier that is valued by all.

As the current pier begins to near the end of its functional life, Parks Victoria will continue to monitor its condition to ensure community safety and structural integrity. While it is safe, the pier will remain open.

Community feedback will be summarised into a consultation report which will be made available to the public once consultation closes. Individual responses will remain anonymous.

Please note that these design options are for the pier only. Further community consultation regarding the Altona Foreshore is currently underway via the Hobsons Bay City Council website.

About Altona Pier

Altona Pier extends from the intersection of Esplanade and Pier streets, Altona, west of Melbourne’s CBD. Originally built of timber in the late 1800’s and rejuvenated in the 1980s, the pier is now popular for fishing and walking, with the occasional recreational boat stopping to visit.

Altona Pier is a focal point for Melbourne's western suburbs. Large sandy beaches, community space, nearby public transport links and a variety of local cafes and shops draw locals and visitors to the foreshore. Year round anglers enjoy fishing from the pier, taking advantage of the artificial reefs placed within casting distance, improving the chance of a great catch.

Future designs

Option One: Improve the existing pier design

Picture of a straight wooden pier, with low landings

In option one, the existing pier will be demolished and a new timber decked pier will be constructed on the same alignment and length as it is today. Low landings will be designed to ensure that they are accessible, improving swimming and boating opportunities for all. Additional seating will be provided to support fishing and walking.

Option Two: T-shape Pier Head

Picture of a pier with T-shape head

Extending from the foreshore along a new alignment, option two offers a visual continuation of Pier Street, with a concrete T-shaped pier head offering more space for walkers and anglers. New features include a sculptural element at the pier entrance, additional seating and lighting, increased berthing area and improved shelter at the pier head. Large format steps double as informal seating, providing a relaxing space to view the foreshore across the water.

Option Three: Angled Pier Head

Picture of a pier with a angled head and additional seating and shelter.

Option three proposes a concrete pier with an angled pier head creating a visually unique pier at Altona that offers more space for recreational fishing, additional shade and improved seating options. Similar to above, option three's pier is aligned with Pier Street, kicking back towards the offshore artificial reef balls to maintain an achievable casting distance.

Your feedback

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Altona Pier is a significant historical icon. How would you like to see the heritage of the pier maintained?

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