A section of elevated rail—a flyover—will be built between Sunshine and the Albion rail junction less than two kilometres in distance. Twin rail tracks will rise before Anderson Road, Sunshine and continue through to the start of the Albion-Jacana freight corridor, elevating the rail line over existing rail tracks, Ballarat Road and St Albans Road before returning to ground level.

This part of the rail corridor is highly active, complex and constrained with several tracks, major roads and a critical jet fuel pipeline to consider.

Building the flyover is the best outcome for this section of the rail network to minimise impacts to existing infrastructure, reduce disruption to road and rail users during construction, provide more reliable travel times for Melbourne Airport rail services and enable further network investments in the future. Find out more about the Albion flyover.

At Albion Station, there will be a new forecourt area, extra bike cages and some minor modifications to car parking.

Airport services will not stop at Albion Station. The Albion flyover provides future opportunities to revitalise the area and upgrade existing infrastructure including Albion Station and Ballarat Road.

Heritage will continue to be an important consideration as the design progresses.

Melbourne Airport Rail – Albion flyover and station works

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