The Essential Services Commission provides advice to the Minister for Roads on accident towing, storage and salvage fees in the Melbourne controlled area.

We have released a draft report on our review of fees for accident towing, storage and salvage services , which follows from our consultation paper in April 2018.

Submissions on our draft report closed on 26 September 2018. We are now preparing a final report to provide the minister in December 2018.

Our draft recommendations include an increase in vehicle storage fees to $25 per day

Our draft recommendations, if implemented, would result in:

  • no changes to regulated accident towing fees
  • increases in each of the regulated daily storage fees
  • no change to how fees are annually adjusted
  • no additions to the services that are regulated.

The current 2018-19 regulated fees will continue to apply until the minister makes a new fee determination, which may occur in response to our final recommendations.

Fee description 2018-19 actual
($ incl. GST)
2018-19 proposed
($ incl. GST)
Accident towing fees
Base fee (incl. first 8km) 221.40 221.40
Distance fee (after 8km) 3.50 3.50
After hours surcharge 75.60 75.60
Storage fees (per day)
Car - under cover 17.00 25.00
Car - in locked yard 11.50 16.90
Motorcycle - under cover 5.60 8.25
Motorcycle - in locked yard 3.60 5.30

For more information on our review, visit the accident towing and storage fees review 2018 page on our website.